Let your fingers do the talking

So, we’ve been busy texting away with one prospective young lady, let’s call her Eve (the first woman – in a while, anyways). All seems to be going well. We’re into a bit of a rhythm with the whole text messaging thing; it’s not sleezy or cheesy.

We even exchanged some raunchy pictures last night. Nothing outlandish, just lingerie shots and a pic of my partner shirtless – no faces. She sent us some pics of her in the bath, all sudsy. Half the fun was prepping the room, dressing up and trying out poses. We spent a lot of time laughing and being silly, even though it was for a serious purpose. And, of course, we were happy to get pics back from Eve.

I suppose part of the danger of it all is that they will see you in all your imperfect glory and be turned off, not reply. I know I vetoed a few photos that my partner liked because I wasn’t happy with how my tummy or my legs looked. It’s hard not to be self-conscious or self-critical when you’re putting yourself out there in such a physical way. I joked that I was being used as bait but there was an element of truth to it. You’re comparing yourself to other people, often to their best photo, knowing that they’re younger than you, hoping that they like you. It can be a bit nerve wracking, if I’m 100% honest.

All that being said, it just feels right at the moment. Everyone seems into it, which is always good. No one has been offended yet either, which is also excellent. I think it helped that we kept things tame and classy (if it’s possible to be classy while sexting, who knows?). The last thing you want is to push things too far too soon and, personally, I’d much rather see a slightly suggestive photo than a no-holds-barred one. Let me use my imagination a little bit!

Borrowed this image from body+soul (definitely not a pic of me).


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