Chemistry: not an exact science

We’ve had a few bites on some other apps/websites so that’s playing out well at the moment although Eve is definitely the forerunner. She’s got good chat, which is very important, I think. If you’re corresponding only via text in the first instance, you want someone that’s going to spell well (huge point for me) as well as be a bit flirty and curious.

There’s another girl we’re messaging that’s very pretty but doesn’t have much going on in the chat department (I’ll give her a name if things develop further). You’ll message and the response will be a closed yes or no or a statement about herself. No questions about us. No banter or cheekiness. She says she’s interested but, for me, there’s no chemistry.

Am I being picky? I don’t know, perhaps. But still, if she can’t keep up her side of the conversation via text (when you have hours to plan what you want to say with no expectant eyes staring at you), how is she going to manage at a dinner table (or wherever we decide to meet)? We jokingly say we’re not meeting her for her conversation but it is important.

I’m not sure that I believe in 100% animal attraction. You have to connect on more than one level. Especially if your first interactions are via text message and not in person at a bar or wherever when you can use your body and your voice and eyes to enchant someone. Your wit and words become your charms and, without them, well, you could be a pretty picture of anybody on the net – distant and unknowable and, for me, uninteresting.

O & A Level Notes – muchas gracias for my chemistry-themed image.


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