How do couples meet people exactly?

Sometimes I wonder if using an app or website is the best way of finding our “unicorn”. Yes, you get exposure to a wide group of people, some of whom will supposedly want what you’re offering.  But is this the best, most real way to meet people with similar interests?

I ponder this but I can’t think of any other way. You can’t really go to a bar and pick up a girl as a couple. Or I suppose you can but it feels a bit sleazy. Or maybe we just have to be prepared to put ourselves out there. I don’t know. How do people meet people? I’ve been in a relationship so long that I’ve forgotten (all my single people meeting used to happen in bars anyways) and it’s definitely much easier in a one on one setting, i.e. as a single person looking for another single person.

“Normal” people now have Tinder and dating websites. Why shouldn’t we have something like 3nder? Somehow this seems a bit more tame to me than sites like adultfriendfinder, which scare me a bit with their full frontal nudity and sex, sex, sex. I’m not a prude but it seems like most people are just interested in sex. But, I suppose it’s like that in the real world. And good things (including relationships) come from sex. I should know, my current 9 year relationship started with sex on the first date.

I suppose I’ll read a few more blogs and poly websites. See what’s out there, do my research, all that jazz. Report back.


2 thoughts on “How do couples meet people exactly?

    1. Being able to find people on Tinder would definitely make things easier! I would suggest it to him but we’re not officially “out” yet so I think we would have concerns in the back of my mind about people we know seeing one of us.

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