I haven’t written anything erotic for a long time but here goes…

I haven’t written anything of an erotic nature (aside from text messages) since I was 18 or 19. Might as well start now.

When I play with myself, I almost exclusively think about my partner with another woman. He’s part owner of a bar and, for some strange reason, my fantasies usually involve him fucking someone in the tiny cupboard he calls an office. He’ll have met the girl while serving her at the bar and they’ll hit it off. He’ll arrange to meet her by his office door (I’ll be out on the floor waitressing and will have seen the flirtations). It’s very important that this happens while I’m in the building and also while the bar is open. The thought of him getting caught is very exciting.

As time is of the essence, it’s a very quick, to the point encounter. No time for romance. She sits on the tiny desk and he stands between her spread legs. His hard cock pressed against her. They kiss. She takes her top off so he can kiss and lick her breasts. He moves her panties to the side and slides a finger inside her. Maybe kneels down to taste her pussy. Not for long though, they have to be quick.

He unbuckles his belt, unzips. Slides his cock out. She grabs it, squeezes it, kneels down to take it in her mouth and taste his pre-cum. He’s so hard and it would be so easy to let her just suck his cock. To let her swallow his cock and his cum while he held the back of her head and fucked her face. But he wants to fuck her, he wants to be inside her, wants to feel her wetness, her tightness, wants to make her feel something other than just his cock and his cum down her throat.

So he pulls her up, grabs her hips and bends her over the desk. She’s so wet, he just slides right in and they both groan. His fingers rub her clit while he slides his cock in and out, in and out of her pussy. When she cums, he feels her pussy tighten around him and he covers her mouth with his hand. She bites him as she cums but he keeps fucking her until he feels her release and her legs start shaking.

After that, it only takes a few more strokes before his cum fills her pussy and he holds onto her hips and bites her shoulder until it’s over and they’re left just holding each other, hot and sweaty and a little bit exhausted. After making themselves presentable, he slides his fingers inside her pussy one last time, making sure to get them good and wet with both their cum.

A present for me, a present that he slides into my mouth as soon as he leaves the office, so I can taste what he’s done.


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