Sexting and fucking

I was sick last week so there was very little sex to be had in our house due to my coughing and spluttering all over the place. However, by Friday, my horniness got the better of me and I sent my partner a raunchy text message. This resulted in about an hour’s worth of red hot text messages back and forth – each detailing what we’d like to do/see the other do with Eve – before my partner had to focus on a business meeting. I don’t know how he managed it. I ended up writing Saturday’s erotic post and then played with myself before heading into work.

The next day we ended up having sex twice; once in the morning, to work off the excitement of the previous day’s text messages, and again in the afternoon. You see, we’d sent the messages to Eve, even though we were a bit concerned they might be too graphic for her (seeing as 99% of the messages referenced one or both of us doing things to her that we hadn’t necessarily discussed outright). Luckily, she was really turned on by them.

I was then inspired to show my partner this blog (which I’d previously been writing in secret, although I intended to show him at the “right” time), he read my erotic story and, next thing I know, we’re fucking on the couch, me trying to keep a little bit quiet as the sound from our apartment carries out into the common hallway. Of course, that turned me on even more. The sex was so hot and we both came really hard. I remember feeling a bit spaced out for the rest of the afternoon.


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