Options and revelations

We were out and about on Sunday night and, after going to a warehouse party outside the city, we ended up in a bar on Oxford St at around midnight. While there, my partner ran into a girl he used to work with. Let’s call her Mara. She was a brunette, very pretty with beautifully presented breasts in a tight fitting, sweater-like top. I’m a sucker for a hot brunette with great tits so I was pleased when my partner introduced me to her but, after saying hello, I went back to dancing with my friends. I figured he could have the fun of seducing her.

While I was dancing, Mara was all over my partner, which didn’t bother me in the slightest. Unfortunately, it did bother one of my girlfriends. We’re not “out” amongst our friends and so my friend was indignant on my behalf that this girl was throwing herself at my partner. She ended up pulling him aside and speaking to him about it and he explained that I wasn’t jealous but tried to top short of saying we saw (or were trying to see) other women. Tried but failed, I guess, because she figured it out and came straight to me.

For me, I wasn’t upset that she knew, more surprised that it had come out so easily. As I’ve said before, many of our friends suspect we have a not-quite-normal relationship and the first thing my friend said was “I always thought you guys were like that…” But still, to have it out there in concrete terms is a different story. And yet, it thrills me somewhat to have people know that we’re not “normal”, that we’re not chained to this idea of monogamy, of one person for the rest of your life.

I suppose you want to know what happened with Mara. Sadly, nothing. Although she was very, very hot, she was also very, very annoying. After the bar, we all ended up going back to a friend’s house and I don’t think Mara was silent for more than a few minutes at a time for the 3.5 hours we were there. On the upside, I did get to feel her breasts, which was awesome because they felt as great as they looked. Still, I couldn’t bring myself to agree to anything further.

As I’ve said, I need there to be chemistry and, while I was physically attracted to her, my mind wasn’t as I had a very real fear that she might talk the whole way through a threesome. Which, unless it was dirty talk, would not be awesome.


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