Couple fantasy

My partner is taking me to a swingers club. He picks my clothes, dresses me up in his favourite lingerie. Red, no-smear lipstick. We’re both a bit nervous as we’ve never been to anything like this before but he takes control as soon as we get there. He brings me a glass of champagne as I undress in the change rooms. He tells me I look beautiful and cups my breasts in the mirror, squeezes my ass, kisses my neck. I’m already slightly wet at the thought of what could happen.

We take our time walking through the rooms, seeing what’s on offer, looking for something or someone to catch our eye. He regularly stops to push me up against a wall and kiss me, rub my clit, slap my ass. Letting people know that I belong to him. That I’ll do whatever he tells me, whatever pleases him.

In one of the common areas, I see a young, hot couple making out on a couch. My partner squeezes my hand so I know he’s seen them too. The girl is leant back on the couch with her legs around the guy’s waist as he leans over her. They’re kissing and he has his hand up her skirt. Her top is off but she has a beautiful sheer bra on and I can see her nipples, small and hard, through the fabric.

We’re close enough to hear the sounds they’re making, which turns me on even more. It feels like we’re the only two couples in the room. I reach over to feel my partner’s cock through his pants; he’s already hard. We move to a couch near the other couple after they signal that it’s ok. My partner sits down and I get down on my knees in front of him and pull his cock into my mouth. The other couple has stopped making out to watch us, although I notice that the guy still has his hand up the girl’s skirt.

I swallow my man’s cock then lick from the base to the tip only to swallow it again. I like the feeling as it fills my throat, making me gag. I watch his face watching me and then watching them. He’s so hard and I know I must be wet. The thought of him fucking me in front of this couple, and everyone else in the room, makes me squirm.

Suddenly, I feel something tickling my clit. I jerk around to see the girl from the other couple on her knees behind me. Her fingers are teasing the edges of my pussy and she has a slight, cheeky smile on her face. I look up at my partner and he nods, giving me permission to play with her. I turn around to kiss her mouth, her breasts, her stomach. She smells soft and girly and her hair tickles my face when we kiss. She has soft lips and a beautiful warm body that presses against mine, demanding my full attention.

I push her down onto her back and slide her underwear to the side. She’s already wet when I slide my finger inside her hot, tight pussy. She moans and I cover her mouth with mine, kissing her and fingering her at the same time while she presses against me. I look up to see the boys standing over us, lazily stroking their cocks, waiting for the right moment to join in.

I kiss my way down her neck, her breasts, her stomach until I get to her pussy. I kiss it softly, no tongue yet, and feel her press herself into my face. Then I lick her. From the bottom of her pussy to the top and back again, kissing her inner thighs, then just focusing on her clit. Her hands press against my head, willing me to lick her harder, faster. I oblige.

I reach my hand back to rub my own clit only to find my partner already there, pressing his cock into me. He grabs my hips and pulls me against him so hard I have to grab her upper thighs to keep from being separated from her pussy. Her moans have become muffled and I look up to see her partner thrusting his cock into her mouth. The room is silent, everyone is watching us, which only makes me even hornier.

I bury my face in her pussy, willing her to come on my tongue while my partner thrusts into me from behind. Before long, I feel her body tense and her hips start thrusting against me. Her hands press against my head, even if I wanted to pull away, she wouldn’t let me. I can hear the sounds of her moans around her partner’s cock, which seems to be making him cum as well, if his face is anything to judge by.

I use my spare hand to rub my clit and it doesn’t take long before all the sensations and sounds have me arching my back against my partner’s cock and cumming until my clit gets so sensitive I have to pull away. He stands up so I can kneel and take his cock back into my mouth. While I’m still shaky and dazed from cumming, he cups the back of my head and slides his cock in and out of my mouth until he presses his cock all the way down my throat and cums with a last few hard thrusts.

As he pulls out, he leaves a thin trail of cum across my chin, which he uses his finger to put back into my mouth. “Good girl,” he says.


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