How to deal with disappointment

We got some sad news on Monday.

Eve, our first potential lady friend, had been quite sick for a few weeks (glandular fever), which meant we’d had to reschedule our first meeting. I then got sick in the meantime and our next available date wasn’t until the end of June, which seemed like ages away. Then… success (or so it felt). A social event got cancelled and an earlier weekend freed up. We messaged her to see if she was also free; everyone had seemed to be on the mend so we were quite hopeful. But no, it wasn’t to be and now we’re not sure if it ever will be.

We’d known she was going on holidays at the end of July and had planned to meet her before she left. But when she texted us back on Monday, she said she wanted to take the time to get 100% better plus she also had a lot of social events coming up already. Very valid reasons but we couldn’t help but feel that somehow she just wasn’t interested anymore. Both being over-thinkers, we scoured our messages to see if we could find the point where things ‘turned’. But there just wasn’t anything obvious we could pinpoint.

So, everything is on hold indefinitely. We gave her the option to make contact with us when she gets back but I’m not she will. Of course, you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s head. She could have met someone. She could have thought better of being a couple’s ‘unicorn’. She could just genuinely want time to rest and recover without complicating her life any further before she goes on holidays. There are a million and one reasons why things have turned out this way. She could have found this blog, recognised herself and been outraged (although I believe this is unlikely :)).

To say we’re disappointed is an understatement. She seemed like the perfect candidate for our first ‘illicit’ tryst. We all seemed to click and had some really good text (and sext) messaging banter going on. She was really hot, i.e. we were both really attracted to her. We had that chemistry that I’ve found lacking in so many people you meet online where it’s just sex, sex, sex. But with that said, she was still very sexy.

*Sigh* We’re talking to a few other girls but we were both pretty dejected on Monday. We did our best to try and cheer each other up. 😉 Of course, things aren’t going to go well 100% of the time and not everyone is going to fall in love with you and live happily ever after. That’s just not life. But still, we were sad.


4 thoughts on “How to deal with disappointment

  1. My fingers are crossed for you guys! Finding a 3rd partner to join in isn’t easy and most people when dealt with the reality of it back off close to the crunch. You’ll find her though!


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