Our Open Minded connection (things are looking up again)

Our house was a pretty glum space on Monday after we heard back from Eve. Still, I wasn’t one to be deterred so easily. A post on Darling Slave mentioned a site called Open Minded and I decided to take a look although my hopes were almost dashed when I saw how few people from Sydney were on there. However, my pessimism was seemingly unfounded as a girl named Andy (nickname, not real name) messaged us the same day, prompting me to purchase a month’s membership. 🙂 The “curious” option, I believe they called it.

We’ve been messaging back and forth with Andy all week and things are really promising. She’s on the site to find a poly (three person – MFF) relationship and it’s just so refreshing to have an actual conversation with someone that isn’t just all about sex. It feels like the tentative first steps of a dating relationship, all about talking about our pasts and motivations and what we’re looking for/interested in. We all seem to be very much on the same page intellectually and we’ve arranged to meet on the 29th.

Andy’s got that androgynous look, which I personally have always found very attractive. She’s also very into healthy eating and gardening and other things that kind of lead me to believe she’s a bit of a hippy. But then again, I suppose all poly people are a little hippy at heart, “free love” and all that. Anyways, we really like her but we worry that our lives are very different and perhaps not so compatible.

She doesn’t drink. We don’t drink everyday but we have been known to cut loose on the weekend and have a few (sometimes a few too many) drinks. We’re making a conscious effort to cut back on our crazy binge drinking though as we know it’s not good for us and we hate the hangovers that come with it. Not drinking is by no means a deal breaker but we worry that the lifestyle we lead will be too different from hers.

I suppose you never know until you meet someone. There are so many factors that contribute to whether or not you like someone. It’s hard enough to find one person you want to be with, let alone two people who then both like each other. We’re both going into this with quite open minds, I think. We’re treating it very much like we’re dating a new person and looking for attraction and compatibility, whether Andy is a person we want to spend time with and think we would enjoy in our lives.

She’s the first person we’ve spoken to who’s actually looking for a poly relationship, rather than just a casual experience with a couple. And yes, maybe she’s very different from us but, being with someone who’s not exactly like us, might mean that we both grow and develop as people. Finding someone who’s into all the same things we’re into would probably be easier but do we really need someone else to feed into our desire to go out and get drunk? Maybe what we need is a balancing influence. Not that I’m saying we’re going to stop drinking forever and ever and only do needlepoint of a Saturday night. 😉

Anyways, I’m excited again (so many feels with this adventure we’re on!). We’re still talking to other people and part of me feels like we should have something casual first, just to try it out and see how it feels. But, in my heart, I think I know I want something more than that. Whether or not it’s with Andy remains to be seen but we’ll follow this path and see where it takes us.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll try to write another erotic story. Time to lighten the mood. So much seriousness on here of late. 🙂 Will try and come up with some inspiration! Feel free to suggest something.


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