One million and one conversations*

I swear I’ve had more deep and meaningful conversations with my partner in the last six weeks than we’ve had in the last nine years of being together. And it’s not like we didn’t talk before!

This poly thing just raises so many questions. There are so many possibilities, so many opportunities and challenges, so much potential for crisis/conflict. My god. But still, it’s so very exciting. The more we discuss it, the more I feel like it’s right. We just need the right person to be with.

Of course, I’m not expecting it to be all smooth sailing once we find someone. There’ll be times when I’ll wonder what the fuck I was thinking, when I’ll feel jealous or selfish, when I’ll wish for the ‘old days’. I’m sure this will be the case but I still want to try. I think taking a chance on growth and improvement is better than staying in place because of a fear of change and risk.

Here’s to trying new things even if they scare the fuck out of you.

*Sorry, this was meant to be an erotic post but I couldn’t think of a scene. Hopefully, I’ll get some inspiration tomorrow. 😉


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