What did they call the day before D-Day?

I don’t mean to trivialise D-Day but, tomorrow, we meet Andy. We’ve been messaging with her all weekend and it seems like she’s getting better (or determined to meet us even if she’s not 100%). All that’s left to do is set the time and place and we’re on. I’m so nervous. It feels just like a really important job interview, which, of course, it kind of is. Just one with more potential for fun, I suppose.

Today, J and me found a spot in the sun down at Bondi beach and had a good long chat. Neither of us have much experience with dating, especially internet dating. We’ve been together since before internet dating was a real thing. We also slept together on the first night we went out (drinking with friends) and didn’t go on an actual date until a few months or weeks down the track (can’t remember, it was over 9 years ago!).

I don’t recall ever actually going on a date… with anyone… I’ve always slept with them first and gotten to know them afterwards (if I wanted to). J is the same. So this slow and steady thing is new to us both and turns out we’re equally confused, which is good because I thought it was just me! Talking things out helps, it seems. However, I now know that it’s the blind leading the blind! Neither of us know what the hell we’re doing here.

Things are so different with Andy. It’s very much been a conversation about getting to know each other. Nothing sexual, which is a far cry from how it was with Eve. And with both of us having no experience with dating, we don’t really know what it all means. Is this normal? Is this friend zone? Are we sex-crazed fiends who have only ever had fucked up sex-based relationships (granted, our current relationship is more than that now).

I suppose it all comes down to meeting Andy and seeing how everyone fits. Do we actually like each other? Mentally and physically? Will our (very) different lifestyles be an issue? I want to be honest with myself and not feel pressured into anything but I also don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings? What if she likes us but we don’t like her? Or vice versa?

Gah, got to stop stressing. Got to go with the flow and just see how it all pans out. Will report back.


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