Baby steps 

I’ve told J that I’m interested in trying some light D/s but I’ve yet to find the words to describe what I’m really looking for. Reading all your blogs has awoken my taste for it, I just don’t know what my tastes are exactly. I suppose I’ll just have to experiment and see what takes my fancy.

A few ideas:

  • He chooses my outfits some days, e.g. Today I want you to wear…
  • Domestic/house duties, possibly in the nude, dressed up or in costume
  • Role play, e.g. Prostitute/john, strangers in a bar, teacher/student, etc.
  • Dirty talk and name calling, some degradation/humiliation, making me beg, etc.
  • No underwear rule outside the house (so he has easy access to me at all times, whenever he pleases). This could also extend to bras (although I often do this already ;-))
  • When sitting in his presence, must keep legs apart at all times (again, for easy access)
  • Only allowed to play with myself with his permission (this would be tough)
  • Naked at all times when at home and without visitors (this is already me in summer time)
  • Sit on the floor at his feet when he’s on the couch/at his desk
  • Blow job on arrival when he gets home or if I get home after him
  • Choking/breath play during sex
  • Rough sex/rape fantasy
  • Anal (which we have already done but not with him demanding/claiming it as his right).

Hmmmm… That’s all I’ve got for the moment. I suppose I’m thinking start simple so I can see what I like and also so he doesn’t get frightened off (he’s never done anything like this before). See where it takes us.


3 thoughts on “Baby steps 

  1. Welcome to our crazy and fabulous world! I suggest looking at a bdsm checklist together since you are both new, it’s a good way to find out what’s out there and if anything jumps out at you, either in the wow I definitely want to try that! Or wow no way am I ever doing that! Kind of way. D/s is more than kinks, some people have D/s relationships with little or no kinks at all (not me lol cause I love the kinky aspect! ) but it’s more of a mind set. Good luck and ask lots of questions! So many great kinky (and friendly! ) bloggers on here 🙂

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