My partner and me used to have a decent amount of sex in public places, once upon a time. Mostly sex in the bathroom cubicles of the bars we’d go to. Once in the water at the beach while we were on holiday in Cuba. It hasn’t happened so much of late but all that changed on Saturday.

I’d been feeling a bit down about my personal life and so he took it upon himself to cheer me up. Much against my initial wishes, he booked us a couple’s massage at a newly opened local day spa. All relaxed and oily after our massage, we wrapped ourselves in spa-provided bathrobes and sauntered down to the sauna and steam area. The decision to steam was unanimous. We both agreed that saunas succeed in nothing but making us hot and cranky so, after discarding our bathrobes and securing a towel to sit on once inside, it was into the steam room we went. And boy, was it steamy.

As I walked through the door, I could barely see a metre in front of me. I had to put my hands out to feel around for somewhere to sit. The steam was so thick and heavy that we soon realised that someone would have to walk a fair way into the steam room to figure out if anyone else was there… which, of course, gave us ideas and it wasn’t long before I was on J’s lap and we were making out.

Everything was super slick and wet. I barely needed any warming up before he was able to slide inside me. We did have to move from our original spot because the steam was too intense but our new spot, up near the top of the room away from the steam vent, was much more comfortable and still very hidden. The thought that someone might walk in at any second and hear us (if not see us) was incredibly hot.

I’m one of those people that love quickies but have a terrible time actually coming during them. Luckily for me, it still feels amazing and, of course, I love to please J and get plenty of pleasure from hearing him enjoying my pussy. With me on top and my pert, little breasts in his face and my ass in his hands and with everything so slippery and warm and naughty and exciting, it wasn’t long before J was close. I was incredibly turned on by it all but I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to come. So I held him tight and let him thrust into me and fill me up with come.

Afterwards, we had a shower and went out for lunch and ice cream. And don’t worry, that isn’t the end of the story. He fucked me to orgasm on the couch later that night so all’s well that end’s well I say. 🙂 Plus the steam room is only 10mins walk down the road so there’s a very good chance we’ll be going back soon.

Steamy image courtesy of charlottecarrendar.


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