Public bathroom D/s fantasy

It’s been awhile since I’ve had any ideas for a fictional erotic post. Sadly, nothing was coming to me. Until last night, that is, when – zang! – this flashed into my mind right before bed. I put some quick notes into my phone so I’d remember the basics and here it is.


We’re going out for the night and, while I’m dressing, he instructs me not to wear a bra or panties.

“I want you to be my nice little fuck slut tonight,” he says while handing me a little tube of lube. “And keep this in your bag for later.”

I obediently dress in a slightly sheer top and tight little mini skirt with a sexy pair of very high heels. While we’re out, I feel very much on show with men (and some women) unable to keep their eyes off me. He stays by my side the whole night, every now and again tweaking a nipple or cupping a breast or reaching under my skirt and grazing his fingers across my pussy.

Within a few hours, I’m squirming in my seat with horniness and I worry that I’m leaving little snail trails wherever I sit (you know, the whole no panty thing). I’m wishing he’d just take me home and fuck me but he has other ideas. I feel his hand creep around my waist as he pulls me off my bar stool and leads me towards the bathroom. We go into the disabled toilet which is a bit bigger, more private and separate from the other bathroom areas. Once inside, he closes the door and turns to face me.

“You’ve been a sexy, little slut all night. All the boys want to fuck you but you’re mine and I’m going to take what’s mine. Take off your clothes and get on your knees, slut.”

I obey, quickly stripping off my clothes and sinking down in front of him. The tiles are cold and hard and they hurt my knees. I’ve left my heels on, I know he likes that.

“Put my cock in your mouth and suck it.”

I lean forward and unbuckle his belt, undo his fly. He’s already hard before I even start. I pull him out of his pants and wrap my lips around him, use my tongue to make his cock slick with saliva then let him slide down the back of my throat. He puts his hand against the back of my neck so I can’t pull too far away. He holds the back of my head, his fingers entwined my curls, and slowly, forcefully slams his cock in and out… in and out of my mouth. I gag a few times but eventually get used to it although my eyes water and my mascara starts running.

He groans with each thrust. “That’s a good slut. Such a good little cocksucker you are.”

He pulls out and a few strands of spit mixed with pre-cum dribble across my chin. My red lipstick is smeared. I’m totally naked but he still has all his clothes on, with his cock sticking through the fly of his pants.

“Now I want my little slut to stand up and bend over.”

I turn around and do as he says, holding onto the disabled railing by the toilet for stability and arching my back, which I know presents my ass and pussy in a way he finds pleasing. He slides into my pussy straight away. I’m so wet. While he thrusts, he rubs his fingers around my ass, occasionally sliding one or two inside. I push back against him.

“Do you like me fucking you here in this bathroom? You fucking love it, don’t you? I own you. You belong to me and I will fuck you wherever and however I please. Now don’t fucking move.”

Suddenly, he stops and I can hear him rummaging around in my bag. It twigs that he’s getting the lube and my mind jumps to the only conclusion it can in this situation, knowing how wet my pussy is. I hear the little cap get screwed off the lube bottle and then the soft, sucking sounds of him rubbing the silky liquid along the shaft and head of his cock. I wish I could help him rub the lube up and down his cock, using both my hands, but I obey his command to remain in place. My heart’s beating, waiting for what I know is coming next.

I feel his hand on my waist and then the head of his cock pressing against my ass. Slowly, slowly at first, so he doesn’t hurt me, he pushes his cock inside me. I try to breathe through it. It hurts but in a good kind of way. The kind of hurt you’re willing to take if it makes him happy. Plus it makes me so fucking horny because this is so naughty; him fucking my ass in a public restroom of all places.

He gasps quietly once he’s all the way in. Then he slowly pulls back out. In and out, in and out, getting quicker and harder with each thrust. He moans and pulls me back against him, his hips slapping hard against my ass. When he comes, he digs his fingers into my waist and I know I’ll have a nice little set of bruises when this is all done.

This makes me smile as I feel him shaking against him, spilling his load inside my tight, hot ass, breathing the words “good slut, good fucking slut” against my neck.


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