A win at Ashley Madison

I have a few ideas for a new fantasy/erotic fiction post but thought I might hold off to post something a bit more serious before I get myself all worked up again by writing about sex. Although this post will also be a bit about sex. I suppose all my posts here are kind of about sex. Oh well. Moving on.

Nothing has progressed further with Andy. I would say it’s because we aren’t really interested in her in that way and so haven’t been pursuing her (i.e. messaging her). But she also hasn’t messaged us so I suppose we could take that as her not being interested either or her understanding our lack of interest through our silence. Either way, I feel bad and think we should maybe send her an explanation text or something. We did only meet once but sent a flurry of emails prior to that so I’m not sure of the etiquette. We’ll see, I suppose.

We’re on a site called Ashley Madison, the tagline for which is “Life is short. Have an affair.” Pretty crass tagline really and I would never be keen on meeting someone who’s significant other is unaware of what they’re up to but, still, we have to explore our options. It’s actually a really, really clunky site and annoying mobile app and I’d given up on it for awhile there but recently decided to give it another try. And thank god I did because we’ve met a new girl, code name Alicia.

I made contact with her through the site a day or so ago – sent her our private pics, she reciprocated and “Favourited” us so I sent her our KIK details and success! We’re in contact. Yesterday, we started texting and it’s been pretty… ummm… hot. It’s like Eve all over again but more explicit. More naughty. But still not obscene or vulgar, which is good.

She’s been with couples before. The last couple she was with she met in Bali while on holiday and they put her onto Ashley Madison. She enjoys being watched, with men or women. She asked if I like “cum swapping” and I had to admit that I’d never done it but that I had seen a very hot porn scene where something along those lines happened (I wrote about it here) and was definitely interested. Let’s just say the talk escalated from there with the final result being J and me fucking hard and fast on the couch before bed.

And, if you’re wondering why we fuck on the couch so much, it’s because we don’t have any bedroom blinds/shutters at the moment. We got new windows put in but the shutters will take a few weeks to get installed. Back when we had blinds, the thought of our neighbours being able to see us was a massive turn on but, for some reason, the thrill has evaporated now that the windows are totally bare. Maybe because we can’t possibly pretend we don’t know people can see us? Anyways, enough window talk.

Our sex chat continues and we have plans to meet in early August (once we’ve finished Dry July and are back from our music festival and she’s back from overseas). There is an added bonus to all the sexting; I now have a new idea for a piece of erotic fiction that involves cum swapping. More on that to follow soon enough.


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