One word: anal

When I woke up this morning, I spent the first few minutes reading new posts from the blogs I subscribe to. One post lead me to another post and eventually I found myself reading a pretty hot little snippet about anal sex, which seems to be a bit of a running theme for me at the moment. So many people seem to be able to come from anal or at least enjoy it immensely and I thought why not give it a try.

Now J and me have done it a few times but I usually have to be drunk or high to agree to it. It does turn me on, simply because it’s naughty and I do like to be bad sometimes… ok, a lot of the time. However, the pain and discomfort are pretty big factors in why it doesn’t happen more often for us. When I do agree to it, it’s generally under the condition that it’s over as fast as humanly possible which, in hindsight, doesn’t sound like such an amazing proposition. Anyways, I decided to give it another go and started by handing J my phone so he could read the article that had gotten me so worked up.

I played with his cock while he was reading and – lo and behold – he got hard at just the right moment in the blog post. It wasn’t long before we were fucking – just the usual way to begin with – but part way through I asked him to fuck my ass because I wanted to try and come from it. Of course, he was more than happy to oblige. However, the theory is never the problem. It’s the practical where we have issues.

We got the lube and he started by using his fingers. I tried to keep breathing and stay relaxed. At one point he tried to put his cock in too soon and we had to go back a step. But FINALLY he was able to get himself inside me and, with my previous encouragement and it having been my idea and all, he fucked me harder and longer than usual. I have to admit it did feel good but there was also a lot of pain and just that general wrong feeling you get with anal (or is that just me?). I was playing with myself while he fucked me but, even though I was incredibly wet, I still couldn’t distract myself enough from the pain to make myself come.

I’m not giving up though. It wasn’t unbearable pain and, in fact, I kind of like having a sore ass now. I like that he used that hole however he pleased. It makes me feel dirty and horny all over again. I figure I just have to get a bit more used to it and maybe I’ll get there.

I need suggestions for what positions work best. I was on my stomach but I’m not sure that’s the best move. What about on your back or your side?


8 thoughts on “One word: anal

  1. I find being on my back allows for shallower penetration at first and is more comfortable than on your tummy. It allows for kisses too – I find really passionate kissing would relax me and just allow me to open up. Thats how I did it when I was new to anal. Worth a try – now it’s one of my favorites!

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  2. There are many good positions 🙂 But I think that Doggie-style is perfect for G Spot stimulation because the space between your vagina and rectum is so thin that the penis will press up against your G spot. And your man can reach round and play with your breasts and clit too
    For just a little added help, make it a supported Doggie-style, where you but some pillows under your belly for extra support.
    Any way you decide, you should control and guide him, until you are very comfortable.

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    1. Thank YOU. I will definitely give it a go next time around. I read a really hot post where someone was getting fucked in the ass while bent over the dining table and I want to work my way up to that level of comfort. Life goals, right? 😉

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