Shower fantasy

One of the things my partner likes most is shower sex. In fact, he told me this the first time we had sex many, many years ago. Sadly, I’m a fair bit shorter than him which makes things a bit difficult. Every now and again, I’ll get down on my knees and suck his cock or we’ll try and fuck standing up or sitting down in the tub but, without fail, it’s an awkward affair with someone always getting cold or half drowned, sore knees, squashed, etc. In my experience, shower sex always seems like a great idea until you put it into practice.

One of my favourite fantasies features my partner having sex with another woman. The thought of him being desired by someone else and then acting on those mutual desires makes me very wet. So today, I thought I’d combine these two fantasies into one erotic fiction post. Woohoo.


We’re in a hotel room, one of those grand and voyeuristic affairs with a glass wall around the shower so whoever is within can be observed from without. I’m in the shower with a girl we met downstairs at the bar and J sits on the bed, where he can see us and provide direction.

The girl is quite different from me: pale skin, busty, long haired and legged to my petite, short haired brownness. We’re both naked and wet though so we have that in common. I start by kissing her while I soap her breasts and stomach. Our kisses are soft and tentative to begin with. Hesitant, even. Getting to know you kisses, I’d say, but they don’t stay that way for long.

J instructs me to get on my knees and continue soaping her. I comply. I rub suds down her stomach and up and down her thighs, skirting around her pussy. She has a beautiful pert ass so I turn her around and soap up her thighs and in between her cheeks, let my fingers graze in between her lips. I repeat this a few times before turning her back around and letting the water wash the soap away so I can see her better.

When the soap is gone, I lean forward and slide my hand between her legs to cup her pussy. It’s so warm to the touch and she moans and leans back against the tiles as I slide my hand back and forth and then replace it with my mouth. I tongue her clit then softly suck on it while my fingers slide inside her. She pushes against me and I feel her hands on the back of my head and her soft little moans excite me. I lick faster and harder, move my fingers more urgently, loving the taste of her pussy as the shower washes it across my tongue.

I stand up and kiss her, so she can taste herself on my tongue. My fingers keep sliding in and out of her pussy while I rub my thumb across her clit. Her moans become louder and her kisses harder and more passionate as her tongue fills my mouth. I feel hands on my hips and J appears naked behind me, his cock pressing against my back. He slides his finger inside me and I expect to his cock to follow but he pulls me away and tells me to sit on the ground and watch.

The girl leans forward to kiss him and he grabs her neck and kisses her hard on the mouth. I see their tongues meet and she reaches down and grabs his cock, the cock that’s usually mine to play with. He keeps kissing her but motions for me to move forward and put my mouth to good use. I crawl across the tiles and take his cock in my mouth. I can hear them moaning so I look up and try to see them but the water washes across my face and makes it hard to see. I feel his hand on the back of my head and his cock pushes into the back of my throat. Just as I taste his pre-cum in my mouth, he pushes me away.

I crawl back to my spot where I can at least see them now. Their kisses are intense and full of desire and he has his fingers inside her while her hand is wrapped around his cock. Once I’m out of the way, he grabs her ass and thighs and lifts her onto his waist, pressing her back against the tiles and thrusting his cock deep inside her. She cries out and he quickly covers her mouth with his. Her breasts bounce as he fucks her hard against the wall of the shower.

It’s hard for him to keep his grip on her with all the water running down them so he puts her down and bends her over in front of him, after turning her to face me.  From this angle, I can see both of their faces as he probes her pussy with his fingers before sliding his cock inside her with agonising slowness. At first, he takes his time, slowly sliding himself in and out, really savouring the feel of his cock inside her. I can see on her face that she’s aching for him to fuck her hard. She pushes back against his cock and turns around to see what he’s doing but he takes his time. He won’t be rushed.

He waits until she’s squirming against him, unable to contain herself, and then he grabs her hips and starts fucking her as hard as he can, all the while watching my face, gauging my reaction. She almost loses balance at first but then pushes back against him. Her breasts bounce up and down with each thrust. He grabs hold of her hair so she she’s forced to arch her back against him then he leans forward so he can kiss her neck and whisper in her ear.

I try to hear what he says but the crash of the shower drowns his voice before it can get to me. Although whatever it is is turning her on even more as she moans and pushes back against him. I can see his fingers rubbing her clit and it isn’t long before she’s shuddering and crying out in pleasure. I wait and watch his face as he pulls her back against him and presses deep inside her, filling her with his come.

When he’s finished, he slides his still-hard cock out of her and pulls me over. I gratefully lick at their combined juices spilling down her legs and then bury my face in her pussy until she’s clean. I then take J’s cock in my mouth and make sure none of their cum goes to waste. When I’m done, he grabs my ass and pulls me against him while kissing me deeply on the mouth.


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