First bisexual experience

My first experience with a girl was when I was about ten. It was just before I moved to Jamaica and one of the girls from school turned up at my house totally unannounced. Her name was Kate and we’d never really been friends before so it was a little weird that she was at my house but, oh well… I went along with it. I was happy to make new friends.

We went out into the back playroom and, before long, we were laying on top of each other and rubbing up against each other playing ‘house’. Her idea. I’d done this with my male next door neighbour (and gotten caught – very embarrassing!) but never with any female friends and so it was a bit strange but I remember being more confused about why she was at my house, than why two girls were playing house. I think it would have felt more natural with someone I knew a bit more. We left for Jamaica soon after that and I can’t remember if I ever saw her again at school.

My next encounter wasn’t really until I was about 18 but, prior to that, I had always had a fascination with women’s bodies, their lips, their breasts, their general sexiness. I think I started exhibiting my bisexuality a bit more in sixth form, just before I moved back to Australia. But Jamaica was (and is) a very homophobic country so it was never something I acted upon (until I went back in my 20s and, even then, not much). I remember being very attracted to a lot of the girls in the grades beneath me and would cut class (I was going back to Australia so classes didn’t matter much at that point) to hang out with them and flirt.

When I moved back to Australia, I was quite lonely. My grandparents had enrolled me at an all girls school, which was a new experience for me, and I had to make new friends and deal with a culture that I’d been away from (off and on) for close to eight years. I embarked on quite the trajectory of sexual exploration, mostly thanks to my new powers of online. We didn’t have the internet at my home in Jamaica. If I wanted to use it, I had to go to a friend’s house where sex chat rooms were somewhat off limits (not that I had any idea what you could get up to at that point).

Anyways, back to high school in Australia. I met a couple in a chat room and made plans to meet them. They picked me up from my grandparents’ house. I remember she came in and spun some shit about going to school together. I’m not sure if my grandparents bought it; she was part-Asian and looked as young as some of my school friends so she could have gotten away with it, who knows? I was 18 but looked about 15, which could have worked against her really, if they were comparing her to me. I looked so young, I remember that they asked me if I was really 18. I certainly didn’t look it.

The girl was super hot. Beautiful, soft tanned skin, long, dark hair and quite large breasts. Her name began with N, I can’t remember the rest. I can’t remember much about the guy aside except that he was white and had dark hair. I was definitely more into her. They would have both been in their 20s or early 30s, I think. They took me to their apartment in the city and we drank some kind of alcohol. I got a little (or maybe a lot) drunk but I still remember a decent amount.

We kissed and touched on the couch for a while. She had beautiful soft lips and was very patient and tender. I was so nervous. I was wearing a little white t-shirt and pink floral skirt and they undressed me before the girl went down on me. It would have been one of the first times anyone had licked my pussy and the experience was so gentle and soft. I can still remember the gesture she made to move her hair out of the way when she was down there.

It was the first time I’d seen another woman’s pussy up close (aside from my mum’s in the shower/bath and, even then, that wasn’t as close as this). I had so much pubic hair. I had no idea about grooming or anything and there she was with this nice, smooth pussy with just a little landing strip. I remember thinking it was so much… neater than mine. I was determined to at least try to pleasure her with my mouth but I was quite scared. I wanted to be good at it but I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, it’s not too hard to figure it out when you own the equipment and have regular access. 😉

I also ended up fucking the guy. I was on my back in their bed and I was so wet. He came quickly and we all snuggled in bed and they dropped me home afterwards. We only did it the one time. They contacted me online afterwards and, while I would have slept with the girl again without question, I wasn’t that into the guy.

I definitely look back on it fondly. I think it was a nice way to ease myself into being with a woman. She was (they both were) very gentle and kind and I had the familiarity of a cock there, just so I wasn’t totally out of my depth. 🙂

I hope that, one day, my partner and me can give a bi-curious young girl an opportunity to explore herself in a safe and gentle environment, like I was once lucky enough to experience. Pay it forward, right? 😉


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