Real life seduction with a chance of complications

Well, these last few days have been a wild ride. When you go from having a month free from drugs/alcohol to consuming ALL of the drugs/alcohol in three straight days, interesting things are bound to happen.

But first, some context:

  • We attended Splendour in the Grass, a three day music festival in Byron Bay, and just got back yesterday
  • We’d done Dry July before that (starting a bit early so we could finish in time for Splendour)
  • I had my first alcoholic beverage (red wine) at the airport and then got stuck into the gin and tonics and cocaine pretty much as soon as we landed
  • The following two days were filled with champagne, MDMA caps and secret swigs of snuck-in rum and gin, all while clomping from stage to stage through the muddy festival.

All in all, it was a good weekend although what goes up absolutely has to come back down, often with a huge THUMP. But the drug and alcohol binge is not the focus of today’s story (although I would say that it had a hand in what I’m about to tell you).

It was myself, J and his brother up at Splendour. An ex of someone we work with (let’s call the ex Maria) was also up there and our work colleague encouraged us to meet up with her. We’d both always found Maria incredibly hot but, early on in the trip, we made a pact not to ‘do anything’ with her seeing as she’s only a few weeks broken up with our colleague. Still, all that has a tendency to go out the window when inhibitions go down.

I’d made contact with Maria earlier in the week via Instagram and given her my number so we could meet up in Byron. She messaged us on Thursday saying she was going to the pre-festival party and would get in contact when done. J, his brother and me spent the night at our place, drinking, chatting and doing probably more drugs than advisable. Around midnight, Maria asks what we’re up to and, of course, we invite her to come over.

She turns up with a female friend and we all spend the night talking about anything and everything under the sun (as you’re wont to do when high on cocaine). During our coked up chats, Maria discloses that she’s bi (so is her friend) and I say I’m bi too but stop short of adding poly to the mix. We hang out until around 4.30am, when we see them off at the door and make plans to head into the festival together the next day.

At the festival, we find some reggae music and quietly retire to an actual teepee to consume our drugs. J, his brother and me have MDMA caps, which we offer the girls but they’re feeling hungover and decide to wait before having anything (they do have some later on). We all dance around and, soon enough, the MDMA works its magic and I move in and kiss Maria. No tongue, but still, a soft, gentle kiss. Twice.

Later on I learnt that she leant in and kissed J. She was a bit hesitant and unsure  but he reassured her. 😉 Again, no tongue, but, still, moves have been made on both fronts. J spent most of the night dancing with Maria. He didn’t kiss her again but I do believe he spent a decent amount of time rubbing his semi-hard cock against her, which, of course, is a huge turn on for me.

Sadly, the girls only had tickets for one day of the festival and, while they did try and extend their stay, it wasn’t to be. We’ve made plans to meet up with Maria when we go out this weekend but, now that I am sober again, my guilty conscience has set in. Her ex will most likely be there and, while we’re still only friends at this stage, it probably wouldn’t make him very happy to see us publicly courting her. I suppose we can always just befriend her and wait a little while to enact our nefarious plans.

Who knows? She may not be into it. But a small part of me thinks she might be… Another part of me wonders what she thinks about kissing both of us and then spending the night grinding on J while I dance right next to her. I wonder if she’s put the poly thing together or just thinks we have an open relationship… I’m hoping to find out soon enough.


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