Well, that was fun

Wow. Ok, I have some news to share. On Saturday night, we met up with a girl we’d matched with on Tinder. We’d been texting Kelly for a few weeks, including one hot sexting session where she sent us a photo of her using her favourite toys and we sent an action pic from the sex her photo then inspired. 

When the night of the first date actually rolled around, we were feeling pretty confident. We booked a hotel room and got upgraded to a state suite. Bang. Winning. Things were looking up for the night and, even if we didn’t manage to seduce her, I LOVE staying in hotel rooms so J and me would just have to make use of the giant king size bed and two person bath. That would have been no trouble whatsoever. 

Dinner went well and J invited Kelly back to our room. We all sat on the bed chatting and drinking champagne out of whatever glasses we could find in the room (two white wine glasses and a martini glass). I’ve come to the realisation that I’m not the most forward one in our relationship. At least not yet. Thank god J is comfortable making the first move. I went to the bathroom at one point and came back to find him kissing Kelly. Huge turn on, much more than I expected actually. I quickly jumped into bed with them and we proceeded to take turns kissing her and each other, while I rubbed her clit through her pants. 

Sadly, Kelly had her period and, while J and me will still have sex when it’s ‘that time of the month’ for me, we’d only just met her so it felt a bit weird suggesting it right off the bat. There were other things we could (and did) do but it just meant that I didn’t get to see J fuck her, which was one of the things I was most looking forward to. 

Still, we made do. I went down on her and, just to clarify, she had a tampon in. She also sucked a mean dick. I looked up from between her legs at one point and she had J’s cock ALL the way down her throat, which was no mean feat lying on her back. I think that pretty much did J in, because soon after that he came all over her chest. And her and I played around with the cum before J was able to wipe it up with a tissue. Also, she’d never licked pussy before so I was her first, which was somewhat of a turn on. J then fucked me to orgasm although this took longer than expected. I think I had stage fright having someone else watch us fuck, but I got over it. J then came again while fucking me from behind. 

We tried our best to make her come and I think I was close at a few points. But she admits she has huge trouble coming with real life people. She loves her toys (usually vaginal and anal at the same time) and I think that makes it hard to come from normal sex. Maybe if we see her again and, we’re able to finger her or fuck her, we might be able to get there. But she enjoyed herself nonetheless and has already messaged us to see when we’re free next. 

Afterwards, we all collapsed into a sweaty heap, ordered room service and then snuggled up in bed and went to sleep (I was the middle spoon and took turns hugging both J and Kelly). In the morning, we showered and planned to go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast but Kelly wanted to get home, even though we made sure she felt welcome to join us. 

J and me had a nice breakfast then went home and fucked again on the couch, which was a surprisingly intense session seeing how much sex we’d had in the past 24 hours. The whole experience has definitely been a positive one. Just thinking about J kissing Kelly gets me super horny and I hope we can repeat the experience when we meet Alicia on Saturday, if all goes to plan. 


2 thoughts on “Well, that was fun

  1. You have to love following someone’s story via their blog. Last I read you were looking for a woman and seriously considering it, then, BAM, you’re going down on a woman in a hotel room! And you’ve got another one lined up. lol.

    Congrats on the success!!

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