The problem with nudity is that there just isn’t enough of it

On Monday, I read this post by Tall, Dark and Dominant and it got me pretty riled up. As a former stripper and someone who’s always willing to get my kit off at the first opportunity, be that on a beach, by a pool, in a bar, I have many times been told to ‘put it away’, ‘put it back on’, etc. I always oblige and I try not to take offence but wwwhhhyyyy? Why are we so ashamed of skin?

Why is it deemed ‘dangerous to children’ if I’m on a beach with my top off? And, let me clarify here, I’m just topless. I don’t go wandering around buck naked on a family friendly beach but, if I did, so what? Why should children learn that human bodies are something to be ashamed of? Maybe if we all stayed naked more often, we’d have better self image because we’d see what a real body looks like.

I remember my mum taking baths with me as a child and I was never grossed out by what I saw, more curious. “Mummy, what’s that?” and “Why don’t I have hair there?” If I ever have kids (and that’s a big if), I’d want them to be the same, to be comfortable in their own skin and to celebrate it. Yes, I understand there’s a time and a place but, when we’ve gotten to the point that women can’t breastfeed their babies in public outside of a mother’s room or without a blanket, things are drastically wrong.

Naked bodies aren’t dirty or obscene or something we should only reveal when we’re about to fuck. They’re natural. It’s how we’re born and it’s a sad, sad day the day we start telling our kids to cover up when they’re running around the backyard in the nude (unless it’s because they’ll get cold or sunburnt, I can be reasonable). Anyways, I don’t want to stray into a weird kiddie nudity rant because that’s not what this is about. It’s about how adults’ attitudes towards nudity are affecting us and the risk we run of passing it onto our kids while shaming other adults at the same time.

But that’s enough for now. Rant over. I have to get ready for a lunch date. Gosh, I’m (we’re) popular.


8 thoughts on “The problem with nudity is that there just isn’t enough of it

  1. I’m always torn by this topic. I love the taboo of seeing some body part on a woman that shouldn’t be seen in public. I remember a windy day in college and a girl with a skirt and a thong. Lol.

    On the other hand it’s probably healthier if you don’t teach your children there’s something taboo about nudity.


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    1. Yeah, fair enough. There’s something extremely exciting about the forbidden and seeing something you’re not meant to see or that wasn’t intended to be seen. But that’s a bit different from seeing the nude body of someone who’s not ashamed of what they look like. I’m more concerned about the shaming of nude people.
      How does a pair of exposed breasts at the beach offend you (when they’re not sexualised or involved in any kind of sex act)? How do female nipples constitute porn on Instagram when male nipples are fine? We have all these crazy ideas about nudity – don’t get me started. It’s a problem. 😡

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  2. Hello there! Thanks for linking me. I certainly hope me bringing all that up didn’t rile you up too much. Anger being not good for the soul. Anyway, you’re right. People are aggressive about it because they sexualise it. I mean, we DO associate it with arousal, don’t we? But come on – we are also adults and should be adult enough to move past that point. I also think there is a lot to be taught about body shaming and freedom that people need to learn and embrace.

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    1. Hahah no that’s fine, I think it’s more frustration than anything else. And, yes, nudity is associated with arousal but should that always be the case? A woman breastfeeding her baby isn’t sexual, it’s the most natural thing in the world. A woman laying on the beach with her top off isn’t sexual unless she’s fondling her nipples or someone’s licking them or something.

      We need to be able to disassociate nudity from sexuality unless it’s warranted and I think our body shaming issues are tied into that unhealthy attitude towards nudity and lack of real bodies on show out there in the ‘real’ world. Whoo. That’s enough of that. Off to start my Friday night (at work). 😀

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    1. Well, that would be a VERY sad day! However, in my naivety, I like to think that we could maybe one day separate nudity from sex and then strip clubs, porn, etc. would still survive because it would be about the sexiness and the tease, not just the skin on show. It’s a hard sell, I know, but let me dream.

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  3. The weird (in particular) U.S. take on nudity has always puzzled me: A movie can depict soldiers, indians, bank robbers, whatnot, being shot to pieces, but not full frontal nudity?

    However, a partial semi-legitimate explanation when it comes to public nudity is the perceived risk of unwanted arousal which can cause all sorts of complications. (I typically find women in revealing clothes sexier than the outright naked, but others might work differently.)

    In addition, most people are better clothed for reasons of aesthetics. The average body of a twenty year old may be beautiful—at forty, sixty, or eighty, the situation is different.

    Breast-feeding is an almost disturbing special case: Women always like to make claims like “it is perfectly natural” or “it is the most beautiful act in the world”. Well, that may be your opinion—to many others it is actually disgusting. (As are many other natural acts: I dare say that most adults end up with their fingers in their respective noses on a regular basis. Most people masturbate. We all visit the toilet. Etc.) Show a little consideration for the rest of the world. Promise not to breast-feed in front of me and I promise not to pick my nose in front of you.

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    1. We do seem to be a species full of contradictions! I do agree that some bodies often look better clothed but then again that’s kind of my point. Why should some bodies be glorified and others not? And just because they’re naked doesn’t mean they’re sexualised. We should be equally comfortable with the naked body of a child and a 20 year old and a 60 year old regardless of what they look like. These bodies are not sexy OR disgusting, they’re just normal.
      Your comment about breastfeeding is interesting though. I’m in the camp of “it’s perfectly natural” even though I don’t want kids and don’t know that I would breastfeed if I did have kids. People get so up in arms about it – it’s obscene/your breasts are exposed in public, oh my god! – but I haven’t heard the ‘it’s disgusting’ argument. I can see your point (even if I don’t subscribe to it ;)) that there are some things that are meant to be done in private. I don’t mind seeing a breastfeeding woman but, you’re right, I wouldn’t want to see someone picking their nose or going to the toilet.


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