Bars and bath tubs: weekend shenanigans

Well, despite it just being the two of us, we managed to have a bit of fun this weekend. Actually, we always have fun so it being the two of us wasn’t an issue, more that we’d thought there was going to be the three of us. Oh well, it wasn’t to be.

We checked into our hotel room and drew a bath in the huge, round tub. One thing lead to another and we started fucking but, honestly, I feel bath sex is over rated. It’s hard to get the necessary momentum going with all the water slowing you down and I find the splashing distracting. Maybe the problem is when there’s a penis involved. It can be much slower with two women or if it’s just oral. Anyways, I digress.

The bath wasn’t working for us (it was also quite HOT in there) so we moved out to the bed. I was still pretty turned on from our mouth fucking session earlier in the day so, by the time we got to the bed, I was ridiculously wet and came quite quickly. I’d previously agreed to let J fuck my ass so he got out the lube and got to work getting me ready. I still haven’t bought a butt plug but, regardless, after the initial discomfort of the first few thrusts, it actually felt good, better than before, even if I wasn’t quite able to come. Perhaps next time I’ll try and save my orgasm for when he’s deep inside my ass and see how that works out for me. New adventures, right?

We then spent the night on a little bar crawl. We visited Maria at the hotel bar where she works as a cocktail waitress one night a week. She was on the closing shift though so she wasn’t able to come out with us after work, sadly. We then went and had Mexican for dinner, tried a new rooftop bar then went down to a speakeasy bar where we know some of the bartenders. We’d planned to go to a hip hop night for a bit of a dance but, on the way, we stopped in at another bar that some of our friends own and this happened…

Photo 10-08-2015 11 17 01 am
Yep, that’s little old me on one of the bartender’s shoulders. I even made drinks up there. Now, I’m a cocktail waitress, not a bartender so whatever I made was pretty rubbish but still it was fun. We ended up back in our hotel room with the above bartender plus another bartender and his girlfriend.

Me, the girlfriend (who I’d been making out with earlier in the night) and the above bartender all ended up in the bath (in our underwear) and we stayed there pretty much all night just topping the bath up with warm water when it cooled down too much. J and the other bartender dragged chairs into the bathroom so all pretty much spent the night drinking and chatting in the bathroom (despite there being a whole hotel room available to us). Later on, another girl turned up after finishing her shift and she got dragged into the bath, clothes and all. If looks could kill…

All in all, a pretty fun night although the bathroom looked like a graveyard for wet socks, stockings and underwear the following morning. I think everyone lost at least one sock and the bathtub looked like a coal miner had soaked in it for a few hours because one of the guys jumped in in a pair of my black opaque stockings and the fibres must have gone everywhere. Fun times.


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