Dates, dates and minor implosions

What’s doing on the girlfriend front? Well, we have another date with Carmen tomorrow night; dinner again at a tiny little cured meats/Italian place. J and me ate there a month or so ago and the food and wine were delicious. Carmen’s been in contact since last week’s date. She’d originally suggested we go to a play together but it was sold out so we’re back at dinner. Looking forward to it, we’ll see how it goes.
Plus, we’ve teed up drinks, dinner and possibly dancing with another friend, Amy. She was one of our slightly-more-than platonic ‘third wheel’ friends for quite a while before a very weird incident that I will perhaps talk about another time. I’ve made out with her before and we’ve talked threesomes (a long time ago) but, when it came up more recently, I didn’t want to go there because we were friends.
Things are different now though. J and me are in a different place. I could definitely see her being a permanent, more-than-friend fixture in our lives and I feel like she could be open to that. She’s a very easy going, bohemian person. If I had to pick one of our friends who would enter into a poly relationship, it would probably be her. So now we just have to broach the topic with her and/or seduce her and see how things go. And, of course, we can just carry on being friends if she’s not comfortable with anything more. But I hope that’s not the case. 😉
On a slightly less positive note, things have gone swiftly south on the Alicia front. She’d been in Hong Kong for business but met a man in her travels and decided to stay for the rest of the weekend. She shared pictures of her adventures and, while we were of course disappointed not to see her, she doesn’t belong to us so we couldn’t be upset that she’d postponed our plans.
After the weekend’s activities, we’d been waiting to hear from her about setting a new date but instead we got vague messages about presents and us being “quiet”. J explained our disappointment at not getting to meet her and said we were still keen but didn’t want to be pushy in case she was no longer interested. He ended by asking her to propose a new date and time.
From there, things escalated quickly. She got defensive about her choice to stay in HK and then threw out a few statements that, to us, felt like she was fishing for us to chase her/beg her to hang out with us. Instant turn off. If you want to see us, own it. We want someone that wants us as much as we want them and, while I have no problem with seduction, I don’t want to have to beg (unless that’s part of the deal ;)).
It all happened so quickly and was such a shame, really. I’ve no doubt we would’ve had fun with her but I also feel like we dodged a massive bullet. J and me are proud of the lack of drama and neediness in our relationship and I feel like Alicia might’ve turned our world upside down – and not just in a good way.

2 thoughts on “Dates, dates and minor implosions

  1. You know, I think the most important thing you’re gaining is an appreciation of how much it sucks dating women! 😉

    Sorry about Alicia, but sounds like there’s more in the pipe, so to speak…

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    1. Hahah yes there certainly is. Some massive generalisations coming up but I always thought women were the more difficult of the dating class. There’s so much emotion involved (part of the reason why I think I never tried to have a relationship with one). I know so many really cool, good guys (that are single) but a lot of the girls I know are high maintenance and materialistic or break things off over the craziest/smallest things. We’re definitely a difficult species. I like to think I’m a pretty chill chick but even I have my crazy moments!

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