I think it’s safe to say we haven’t been friendzoned 

So… Last night went very, very well. Amazingly, in fact. I’ve been walking around all day in a bit of a haze, all spaced out. Can’t really think about much else really. 

We took Carmen to dinner at a cute little restaurant. Had some yummy food, shared a bottle of wine. Then we missioned it over to one of our favourite bars – the one we were at last Saturday actually – and had a few drinks there. I think by then we knew we weren’t friendzoned. I kissed Carmen in the bathrooms and it wasn’t long before we headed back to ours. 

While Jared had a shower, Carmen and me kissed some more and we all rolled into bed once Jared was done. It was a pretty amazing night… and morning. I got stage fright and couldn’t come last night but I came twice this morning. Once from Carmen licking my pussy in 69 position while Jared fucked her from behind and, the second time, we were all laying in our sides and I was in the middle with her playing with my clit and J fucking me from behind and burying his fingers in her pussy. I got pretty close when Jared played with my clit and kissed me while she  sucked his cock. Oh god, it was so hot. I also loved watching them fuck, especially when he was on top of her. It looked so passionate and the noises they made and watching him make her come and then coming himself was a huge turn on. Fuck, thinking about it’s making me horny again. 

It all just felt so natural and there wasn’t any awkwardness in the morning. She had a shower and we all kissed good bye. She sent us a lovely message later that morning saying she had a great time and thanking us for dinner. She’s a beautiful creature with the wettest, most delicate little pussy and the softest skin. Although she’s as tiny as me, she has these big, beautiful natural breasts, which works well because I have a great ass so, when combined, we had the best of both worlds. J was a lucky man with two tiny, brown women in his bed (she’s Filipino, I’m Australia-Puerto Rican). 

J asked me after she’d left if I’d felt any jealousy and I hadn’t. It was such a beautiful, passionate experience. I loved seeing him enjoy her and please her as much as I enjoyed pleasing her myself. We had sex last night and then twice this morning. J and me even fucked again after she left. So he’s come a sum total of 5 times in 12 hours. He’s pretty exhausted and his back hurts. Poor guy, it’s a tough life. 


6 thoughts on “I think it’s safe to say we haven’t been friendzoned 

  1. I’m have a little, okay a LOT of, trouble wrestling up any sympathy for J! Jealousy of him, however, I have in droves! lol.

    Glad you had such a great time.

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  2. There’s nothing that feels so perfect than to be making love in this way. Sometimes, it’s not about having as many orgasms as you can – it’s about being a part of the moment, the exploration, the expression of feelings and, um, yeah, getting laid and in a way most people don’t ever dare do and, honestly, in a way that a lot of people fail in because they allow negative emotions – jealously, possessiveness, etc., to get in the way.

    Kudos to you and J and Carmen!

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