General weirdness but there’s an upside (or two)

It was an interesting weekend. We had our dinner with Amy. I managed to slip our new poly adventures into the conversation and off we went to dancing and drinks and all seemed to go well. She was curious and didn’t seem put off by it all. She danced with us both and kissed us and came home with us at the end of the night.

We were all sitting on the couch when she announced, quite matter of factly, that she “couldn’t do it”. Meaning she couldn’t be our girlfriend. She’d clearly given it some thought. We were of course disappointed but we asked her why. What didn’t she like about it/us/the situation? What she told us amounted to basically wanting something more serious plus eventual children and not being sure what she’d tell her parents (if she was in a poly relationship).

We were silent. Ok, so this probably won’t work, we thought (or at least I did). But then she surprised us both by sliding down into J’s lap and starting to kiss him. At this point, we both knew she wasn’t going to be our unicorn but at least we could all have a bit of fun and finally consummate the threesome that has been nearly 10 years in the making. But things weren’t quite right.

She seemed content to play with us for a little while (letting us going down on her, her returning the favour on me, J fucking her) but then partway through she abruptly said she had to leave. But then she didn’t. She stayed in bed with us but didn’t really give us much of a vibe that she really wanted to be there.

J ended up ordering her an Uber and we both sat up in bed obsessing about what the fuck had gone wrong. We definitely didn’t want her to sleep with us if she didn’t want to. At each point where she’d expressed her lack of interest, she then directly contradicted it by doing the exact opposite or not acting on her decision (to leave, for example) although we gave her every opportunity.

I feel like I would’ve actually preferred for her to have left when we were all still sitting safely on the couch. That way, we never would’ve had such a strange and confusing experience with her. It just felt like she didn’t want to be there but was kind of doing it because she knew we wanted to. I suppose we’ll never know what was going on in her head but I’d hate to have think that she felt pressured into anything with us. It’s quite a sad outcome, really, but it just goes to show that we didn’t really know her as well as we thought we did.

On the upside, things have been going very well with Carmen. She’s been sending us lovely messages saying she wished she’d woken up in bed with us, etc. We won’t get a chance to see her again until Saturday breakfast/brunch but she’s definitely seeming like the kind of easy going, drama-free girl we could welcome into our lives on a permanent basis. She actually sent me an individual message asking how I felt after Friday’s activities. Usually all of our messages are via group chat so to have her check in with me personally was a nice gesture.

I also bought a butt plug on Sunday night’s adventures about town. We were walking down Oxford St with two friends and one of them dragged me into a sex shop. I immediately made a bee line for the butt plugs and grabbed myself a ‘beginners’ one, which J promptly bought. Not sure what our friends thought about the whole transaction but it was their idea to go in there in the first place so they can’t complain when we buy something! Haven’t tried it out yet although we did have some pretty hot anal on Sunday afternoon. No orgasm as yet but I was definitely closer this time and was able to handle the experience for longer than usual. Progress!


11 thoughts on “General weirdness but there’s an upside (or two)

  1. I’ve been in that situation and I learned that what’s “wrong” is that we’re taught not to behave in an open, polyamorous manner, that being faithfully monogamous is the only way to be; get married, have kids, all that good stuff. At the same time, the sex is damned attractive – and, again, if you’re single, you’re not supposed to be in bed with a married couple!

    It creates a problem with some folks and one they have a hard time getting their head around and results in what you experienced. Yeah, it sucks to think that you’re in bed with someone, having loads of fun, and wind up thinking that the other person really didn’t want to be there – but it happens and from what you shared, you and J didn’t do anything wrong – it was her own “guilty conscious” messing with her.

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    1. Yes, I agree. We definitely don’t need any weirdness or drama in our lives. We don’t have any now and we don’t need anyone new bringing it along with them. That’s what I like about Carmen. She seems very chilled out and easy going so far. Much more our style. 😀


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