Sex for shoes

I’d never advocate trading sex for anything (unless you really, really want it) but, after J bought me two pairs of Louboutins weekend before last, I felt he’d earned it. We were in the city ostensibly to buy me some new flat shoes for work and him some new clothes and we just happened to walk past the Christian Louboutin store.

“Let’s have a look,” he says. Famous last words.

He immediately spotted a gorgeous pair of almost fetish-height black suede ankle boots (six inch heels with a platform sole). I asked the shop assistant for my size and, while he ran off to get them, a pair of black leather spike-heeled, peep-toed ankle boots caught my eye. When the guy got back, I asked for those in my size as well. Needless to say, I strutted the store and both pairs looked fucking incredible. We couldn’t decide which ones to go with so we bought both. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world walking out of that store with two Louboutin bags and the knowledge that we were going out on a date that night.

Now, sadly, the date we went on was with Amy and, as you know, it was all a bit weird and unpleasant. But I wore the huge suede ankle boots and walked quite a decent distance and danced for many hours and they were remarkably comfortable (the other pair, not so much, I wore them last Saturday and they’ll need a bit of breaking in). They’re a disaster going down stairs or even the slightest slopes (we live half way up a very steep walkway and J had to help/carry me down to the uber) but they look glorious and that’s all that matters.

So… I promised you sex. Well, when we woke up on the Sunday, after our failed date with Amy, I was still feeling pretty horny. J said to put my ankle boots on because he’d seen some naughty potential in how tall they make me. Normally, I’m tiny, just over 5′ but under 5’1″, and J’s over 6′ so some sex positions are tricky for us. Not this time.

He bent me over the end of the couch and had his way with me, a position that rarely works because I’m usually so much shorter than him. Not in these shoes though! These shoes make me the perfect standing fuck height, and they’re hot as fuck. Anyways, I digress. He fucked me from behind then I climbed on top… Then I suggested that he fuck my ass and he ran for the lube.

It didn’t take quite as long to prepare me this time and, when he finally slipped into my ass, it felt pretty amazing. I played with myself while he fucked me. He was so hard and my pussy got ridiculously wet, a nice gesture but totally useless considering that it was my ass taking the pounding. I wasn’t quite able to come but I think that if I hadn’t come a few hours before (during the half-assed threesome) then I might have gotten there.

Life goals, right? Just goes to show that the right pair of shoes can be a very good investment indeed. I’ll upload pics of the shoes at a later date.


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