I think we’re going to need a bigger butt plug

Due to the rather large weekend gone by, our general busy-ness and J coming down with a nasty sore throat and cough, we hadn’t had sex in over a week. The last few days, I was definitely feeling the strain. We had all these nights together cuddled up on the foam futon watching TV (our couch is away getting re-upholstered) and no sweet, sweet rumpty. What? You don’t call it that? You should. It’s guaranteed to make the other person smile and maybe laugh and then you can swoop in.

But where was I? Yes, no sex for quite awhile. Well, last night I decided enough was enough. J was on the couch trying to decide what to order for dinner and I slid the band of his pants down enough to get my mouth around his cock. He resisted me at first but I could see his heart wasn’t in it. Sick or not, he was still just as horny as I was. I kept that up while he struggled to decide what he wanted for dinner and then told him what I wanted and, when he was finally done, I climbed on top and started fucking him.

Things were a bit slow to get going because J was sick so he wasn’t really giving me the vocal encouragement/feedback I need during sex to get me into it. Also, when one of us is sick, we stop kissing in the hopes that the other person can stay well. This wreaks the most havoc when we’re fucking because, of course, you want to kiss that person but you also don’t want to get sick. I know some people out there are saying chesty cough be damned – kiss the man! But I thought we could muddle through it without kissing, it’s a pretty nasty bug that’s now spread to his chest and I only signed up for his dick, not his manflu.

I keep going off on tangents here and I apologise. Let’s get back to the story. It was slow going… until J suggested we use the butt plug at the same time, which was definitely an exciting prospect. I have to admit that an MMF threesome is a fantasy of mine. I’ve had a threesome with two guys before but there wasn’t any double penetration, just oral and ‘normal’ sex. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to having the ‘full experience’ but, in my mind, it’s hot as hell and that’s enough for me right now.

Butt plug located, we thought I might be able to stay on top but insertion proved difficult at that angle so I rolled over on my tummy. He slid his dick inside me and fucked me for a little bit before sliding the butt plug into my ass. It was a pretty intense sensation with one dick and one approximately dick shaped object inside me at the same time. When he started moving again, I had to bite the pillow because I came almost straight away. Not a huge, mind altering orgasm but enough to know that, with a bigger butt plug, things would probably improve exponentially.

Needless to say, it was fun. The sensation of DP was a new one for me and it shows great promise. It’s getting easier for J to slide into my ass and the discomfort while he’s in there is more manageable. Although, he can’t really thrust that hard yet. That still hurts like… well, buggery. 😉 Yeah, I said it.  J got to come in my ass, so he was happy, and we now need to go shopping for a bigger putt plug. I’ve clearly graduated from ‘beginners’ level.


4 thoughts on “I think we’re going to need a bigger butt plug

  1. There’s no such thing as too much lube. And you have to get it in the right places too. With enough lube and a patient partner it shouldn’t hurt, but it may or may not be comfortable. Hope you enjoy it!

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