Eve has come back to us! Kind of. Well, we messaged and she replied. It’s better than it sounds, I promise.


Some of you will remember Eve, our ‘first love’, a girl we met on 3nder and spent a few months messaging but never actually got around to meeting. She was going on a five week trip around Europe but hadn’t been well and called off our plans to meet (see the post here). Well, turns out J and me overthought things… as usual.

This is the last text she sent us:

Hi guys. I’m still not 100% and at this point I don’t think I can commit to anything. I have my friend coming to stay from America, two weddings and a 30th coming up in the 6 weeks before I leave and I really need to focus on not drinking and getting healthy before my trip. I’m sorry that we couldn’t work something out. 

Of course, we assumed the worst and thought she was over us. Turns out she was just really sick and had heaps on and really and truly didn’t have time to meet with us before she left. How do I know this? That’s the reason for today’s story.

J was swiping on Tinder and Eve came up. We both had a look at her pics and got sad. Her Tinder profile is linked to her Instagram so we did some online stalking and saw her Euro pics. I did some quick math and realised she would’ve just gotten back from her trip.

I said, “Fuck it, I’m going to message her. What do we have to lose?” Nothing apparently.

She messaged back and one thing lead to another and she said, “I would still like to meet you two *bashful emoji (pictured above)*”.*

YAAAAYYY. We don’t have a date yet but she just got back on Wednesday and has the sniffles. J is also sick and we have a bit on next week (dates, dates, dates – I don’t know when I’m going to get my uni stuff done but faaaarrrrkkk priorities). So yeah… we were pretty happy yesterday. We were inexplicably devastated by how it ‘ended’ before but seems we totally misread the situation.

Moral of the story: text messages are not the best form of communication. Also, it’s probably best not to read too much into them. Here’s a thought: maybe what the text says is actually what the text means.

Also, last time we spoke to her, we were pretty much just seeking threesomes. Things have developed somewhat since then (we’re now looking for a girlfriend) so I suppose we’ll get around to that topic of conversation soon enough. Won’t spring it on her too soon though. 🙂

*While trying to find the “bashful emoji” Eve used (pictured above), I came across this Gawker site that says apparently that emoji is called the “flirty blush” but this one is the “creepy Pillsbury Dough Boy” version and shouldn’t be used. Frankly, Eve can get creepy on me anytime she likes, emoji or otherwise.

Image credit: Gawker


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