This was going to be a very different post but instead you get this…

This was going to be a very different post but I chickened out. Yesterday, I mentioned that J and me had been to counselling earlier this year. I had planned to use today’s post to elaborate on the things that happened in the lead up to our decision to ‘see someone’ (i.e. a counsellor, not another girl ;)) but, partway through the post, I had to stop. I wrote it in my mind on the bus on the way into work yesterday but actually typing it up is another story. A story for another day it seems.

So instead of that story, you’re getting an update on what’s going on with us:

  • Eve’s trying to find an apartment so we’re waiting for her to get settled before we set a new date
  • We spent last Saturday morning with Carmen. We went to see her new apartment then had brunch with her and her flatmate and walked over to the Bondi markets with our dogs. It was a lovely morning but we had plans that night and I had uni work to get through so that was all the time we could spare with her. We’ll hopefully see her this weekend, maybe she’ll come to the beach with us if she doesn’t have to go away for a friend’s bday
  • We thought long and hard about Libby and came to the decision that, while we’re sexually attracted to her, we don’t think she’d be a good fit for us long term. So we’re no longer pursuing her
  • We had a date lined up with Emma on Sunday but had to cancel as J has been sick with the dreaded manflu and attending his sister’s 40th on Saturday didn’t really result in him feeling any better (surprise!). We still need to book in a new time with her – we’re hoping for maybe Sunday again – we’ll see
  • We had two other dates lined up for this week but, as I said, J is feeling pretty shit. These will get pushed to next week or the week after or maybe a coffee date or something seeing as next week is already kind of full (we’re just too damn social). These two new girls are from 3nder – one’s looking for an “open and trusting relationship” with a couple, not a “one night thing” (fine by us), whereas the other is looking to replicate the “gorgeous experience” she had with the last couple she saw (no pressure!).

Busy little beavers we are. Carmen is definitely the front runner. Sometimes I wonder why we keep agreeing to meet other people but then I think, why not? We’re not hurting anyone. We’re not expecting her to be exclusive to us and I don’t think she expects that either, at this early stage. We’re still exploring and as long as we’re all open and honest then I don’t see any reason why we can’t continue as we are for the time being.


2 thoughts on “This was going to be a very different post but instead you get this…

  1. It’s so much harder in practice than theory. Earlier this summer my gf and I were exploring a swing or threesome situation. We didn’t come close to making it happen it was so complicated! Throw in the fact that she lives 50 from me

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    1. Yeah, it’s not easy. I actually feel like finding people is the easy part. Finding people you actually click with is difficult, especially if you want it to just be more than mediocre sex. And no matter how prepared you are for it, sometimes the feelings that come afterwards can take you by surprise.

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