Last minute (first) date night

We had an impromptu dinner date with Emma tonight. On the spur of the moment, we’d suggested last night but she had a birthday party to go to. She invited us but we declined because we knew how that would end (late, drunk and high) and we were right. We said, if she felt up to it, we’d be keen for dinner tonight, if she wasn’t too hungover.

Turns out she wasn’t.She messaged us tonight and we tee’d up a dinner. At first, it was just going to be Emma and me because J had some work to do at the bar but he ended up joining us. To be honest, I couldn’t really spare the time because I have so much uni work to do at the moment but oh well. 

We spent a lot of time being silly and laughing but we also talked about serious stuff, like our dating experiences. Emma and her partner have recently set up a Tinder profile so we chatted about that for a bit. We spoke about Carmen and how we hope the whole poly thing will work and how Emma will fit us in with her current partner (if she wants to). He works in hospitality like J and we thought there might be conflict with everyone being time poor and possibly only having the same nights off.

It was a really nice, easy flowing dinner followed by one civilised drink at Emma’s partner’s bar. I’d thought it might be a bit weird going to his bar after being on a date with ‘his woman’. We always bring out dates in there and, as she commented, here she was, now bringing her dates (us) in. I’m not sure but I don’t think it was. He came and sat with us for a bit. You never know if you’re imagining the weirdness or if it’s really there. I think he was OK with it. I think a lot of the worry/anxiety I feel about this particular development is all part of my inability to totally accept their relationship because it’s so different from my own.

When we left, she walked us up to get a cab and her and I cuddled while we chatted. J’s still sick so nothing further was on the cards but I was quite tired anyways and I think she’d planned to stay at her partner’s house tonight. We made plans to catch up over the weekend. Maybe Saturday or Sunday, we’ll see how it pans out between Carmen and Emma and see what we can fit in.

I now have a bucketload of media law studies to cram into tomorrow so I can actually have the weekend free. I also need to write some more erotic fiction at some point as I haven’t written any in ages. The urge hasn’t struck me although it should because J and me haven’t had sex in a few days with him being sick and all. I have my doubts as to whether that will happen this week (the erotic fiction, not the uni work). Hmmmm… So many life goals, so little time. Wish me luck.


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