An eventful week

It’s definitely been too long between posts but it’s been a hell of a few days. I’ve pretty much spent the whole of this week drunk/high or hungover (nights out then Bar Awards – we were up for five awards and won Best Cocktail List in the country) and then we were busy all last weekend and now I’m just making excuses. Whatever. I’m here now, let’s just kick on with the update.

Had a good night out for my sister’s birthday last Saturday. We had both Carmen and Emma in attendance and they both came out dancing and got along quite well. Was a fun night although quite restrained, all things considered.

Then Sunday we went out with a couple we’re friends with (one of whom is the first person I told about us being poly) and Maria. We had a few drinks and then, next thing you know, all the girls are in the bar bathroom taking turns kissing and licking nipples. Was pretty awesome although the boys were more than slightly disappointed to be left out.

They delivered us drinks to the bathroom and Maria went outside. I stayed in with the couple and they started kissing then the girl told me to kiss her boyfriend. I hesitated as I wasn’t sure she really meant it – I even asked if she was sure – plus me and J aren’t really on track for me to play with other guys. Anyway, blame it on the alcohol (poor excuse, I know) but I did it and it was fun. Then, as luck would have it, J walked in.

I was a bit panicked but we talked about it and he was fine, although told me not to make a habit of it. The guy in the couple is actually one of our closest friends so I think J trusts him and doesn’t think he would ever disrespect me. Outside of the bar’s bathroom, J and Maria were getting on very well and so the girl in the couple told her partner to go and steal her away.

It didn’t end well though because he picked her up and carried her away and she leant in and kissed him and he kissed back and the girl in the couple freaked out a bit. We’ve spoken about it since and she was cool with me because she knows me and trusts me and knows our situation but doesn’t feel the same way about Maria, although they are quite close friends.

Anyway, long story short, J had to go get the car (he hadn’t been drinking) so Maria went with him while I stayed with the couple. He got pretty frisky with her in the taxi on the way to the car and then in the car before he came and picked us up. No sex but a lot of heavy petting and making out before they came and picked everyone up and we dropped everyone home.

J and me went home and had pretty amazing sex involving butt plugs and anal and then again in the morning (just normal sex, no anal). I was hugely turned on by the events of the night, the make-out session with the girls and me kissing another guy plus what he told me about him and Maria. Of course, it’s more fun when you’re there but I definitely don’t have a problem with him being with someone without me being there. So long as I hear allllll about it afterwards. Sorry, no group orgies or threesomes but it was quite a fun night regardless.


  • All is fine with the couple. I was worried it might be a bit weird as they’re not really ‘that’ way. But she was fine with it (we’ve kissed since). She said I’m probably the only person she’d be OK with kissing her partner. We’ve hung out with them since and all’s been fine.
  • Maria, on the other hand, had agreed to go on a date with us during the course of the night but the next day said she wouldn’t want to hurt her ex, who works with us. Fair enough, I’d been worried about this myself. But there’s a silver lining here, while she declined a formal date, she’s still happy to go out with us and have bathroom make-out sessions. Which is just fine with me.

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