An unexpected surprise of the erotic fiction kind

So this is exciting… As I mentioned yesterday, J reads my blog. We were talking a while ago and I said he gets insight into what I’m thinking and what excites me but I don’t have the same insight into his mind. Yes, we talk a lot but it’s not quite the same thing, or I don’t think so at least.

So, at the time, I asked him to write about one of his fantasies and share it with me. I’d pretty much forgotten about it until this morning when we’re in bed and he’s on his phone and I start trying to get his “attention” and he says to wait, he’s doing something for me. Then he told me to check my email. And this is what I found… (with names removed)


A little fantasy for you.

Part One

We are out on a Sunday for some drinks with our tight little group, Amber and Eric, you and I, and our little object of desire, Maria.

The couples have been bantering all day about who will have her. Which man will have his way with her. Which woman will gently finger her wetness will she moans and kisses back hard.

We all meet up at Shady Pines, our usual den of iniquity where no one looks twice at a group of grown adults shamelessly flirting and taking trips to the bathroom to make out in different combinations.

The girls are at it first, fondling, kissing, rubbing each other through their jeans. They can feel each other’s growing heat and it makes them all even wetter. But they don’t go over board, the thought of undressing but not doing so winds them up even further. They all leave the bathroom to find the boys fantasising about what would be happening behind closed doors.

Next you and I take Maria into the bathroom and quickly pounce on her. She kisses you at first whilst I slide up behind her and press my already firm cock against her tight ass. She pushes back and I feel her heat. She spins around and forces her tongue deep into my mouth. I slide my hand down and instantly find her wetness. I let my hand breach her panties and curl my two middle fingers easily into her. She moans. Loudly. And I take my fingers from her wet pussy and slide them into your mouth whilst she bends down and prepares to take me in her mouth. She starts unbuttoning my pants but I stop her. I don’t want her to take me yet. I have more sinister plans for her tonight.

For all of us….


Needless to say, sex  swiftly followed. 🙂 And I now eagerly anticipate Part Two.


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