Two words: Louboutins. Anal. That is all.

I just realised that I never ended up sharing photos of my now not-so-new Louboutins. They’ve taken quite the wearing since I first got them. They’re trotted out at every opportunity. My other pairs are jealous (don’t worry, they’ll be fine).

Well, here are my little babies.

Photo 8-10-2015, 9 04 12 PM Photo 8-10-2015, 9 05 52 PM
Just tonight J made me wear the first pair during sex. We’d already started making out when he told (commanded!) me to go put them on and walk back in like his little whore. We both cracked up at that because it felt so abnormal him saying anything like that to me. I could tell he was still feeling his way around it but, even so, I was into it. As I put the shoes on and got myself into my ‘dirty, little slut’ character (it doesn’t take much), I could see him getting the butt plug and lube ready so I had a general idea what was in store for me.

He had me lie down on my back and suck his cock while he leant over me and licked my clit and played with my pussy, penetrating me with the butt plug from time to time. This graduated to some mild throat fucking before he slipped the butt plug in my ass and had me spin around so he could fuck me missionary, all the while warning me not to let the butt plug slip out.

He had me flip over because it’s easier for me to cum when I’m on my tummy with him fucking me from behind and me rubbing my clit. His grand plan was to fuck me to orgasm and then cum in my ass but before long I was begging him for anal (my how things have changed in our household!). Being the gentleman he is, he readily obliged (;)), slipping the butt plug out and himself in after adding a bit more lube. This whole process is much less stressful nowadays, thanks to my humble beginners butt plug. What an excellent investment that was!

I was able to cum pretty quickly once he was inside my ass. Anal just feels so naughty and I’m turned on even more by how much he enjoys it. The whole experience was pretty intense, what with me wearing my shoes and him telling me what to do like his personal fuck toy. I can’t wait to see what it feels like when I have something besides my hand to stimulate myself even further.

Which reminds me, gotta get back to my vibrator research. I’m determined to have one by the end of next week!


8 thoughts on “Two words: Louboutins. Anal. That is all.

  1. Love the shoes!!!! You can never go wrong with a wand. I know your looking for a dildo but anal with a want to the clit. Fuck!!! Amazing!!! Also, they sale dildo attachments for wands but I’ve not yet invested in them. 🙂

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  2. I love how your entry starts out all innocent with talk of shoes and ends with a dick in your ass. LMAO. Not to be crude, but that was my thinking after reading it and let’s face it, I’m crude! 😉

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