Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

No need to stress, I’ll make the decision for you.

Bad News #1: our date with Eve is being rescheduled. She messaged us to say her best friend’s husband’s 40th is being moved to the same time we’d planned our date. We’re waiting for her to suggest a new date. I am on an intense roller coaster of excitement, nerves and disappointment and this is beginning to seem like the first date that will never happen. She’ll seem just within reach and then something always happens to prevent us from meeting her. *sigh*

Bad News #2: I haven’t found a sex toy. However, this is entirely due to my own slackness in not continuing my search after receiving so many helpful suggestions (thank you thank you). I have a dinner tonight and a wedding tomorrow but we’re planning a quiet weekend (especially now we’re not seeing Eve *sob*) so I’ll commit myself to purchasing something by Monday night. This is important, I need to make time for it.

Good News #1: there’s no more bad news! There’s also no more news which is fortunate because I need to get ready for dinner. Shall I wear my Loubys? I want to but I don’t have J to help me down the steep, steep walkway to the main road plus I think I’ll take the bus so… maybe no Loubys. Or maybe I’ll get an Uber and just walk down barefoot. Oh the joy of fabulous shoes that are completely impractical on even the slightest of downhill slopes. Thank god they look AMAZING.


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