My first foray into VibratorLand

Last night I took myself off to the bedroom to have a play with my new vibrator. I read the manual, played with the buttons, got a feel for what I was dealing with and then lubed the fuck up.

First hurdle: I wasn’t used to the new water based lube and, as a result, I think I may have used too much. It was plenty slippery but unpleasantly sticky afterwards. We have a really nice silicone based lube that we normally use but sadly I can’t use that with the We-Vibe 4 because it will damage it.

Getting past the lube dilemma, I tell you what, this little pink beast has some pony, even if I don’t have much experience with what classifies as ‘pony’, this being my first sex toy since my early 20s. The remote control was a great idea because fuck having to press the little clit thing every time you want to change setting/intensity. And it has quite the array of settings and intensities.

I figured out pretty quick that I needed the highest intensity. I didn’t come here to mess around, I gave all the settings a decent go. Most were a bit too – shall we say? – frivolous for my liking but I found one that had a nice buzzzzzz-pause-buzzzzzz rhythm and then, of course, the constant bzzzzzzzzz was also excellent. Apparently the app has more options and you can create your own but I haven’t got that far in my journey as yet. Onto the main attraction!

Once – ahem! – inserted, you have one kind of snake head, ridged bit inside you (the supposed G-spot stimulator) and the other piece rests outside you (the clit bit – yes, that’s the technical term). I found I had to hold it in place and apply pressure but that could have had to do with my earlier mishap with the lube. As a result, it was quite slippery down there and so were my fingers but, once I got everything adjusted, it was a pretty amazing feeling laying on my back. However, like when I play with myself without a toy, I had to roll over on my stomach to come. The pressure was better and I was able to hold it in place more in this position.

I was able to come pretty quickly once I rolled over. Definitely under 5mins, probably around 1 or 2 but I’m not sure. To be honest, I spent a decent amount of time just playing around with the angle and enjoying the different sensations. I wasn’t really in a huge rush to come and the end result was a really nice clitoral orgasm. No G-spot action this time around. I did do some exploration after I’d come to see if I could find the elusive spot but no dice. I think I may need to try again when I’m more eager/less sated – but fuck, who really knows how these things work? The female orgasm is a fickle bitch.

Overall, I am quite pleased with my purchase and I shall continue my explorations over the coming days. Plus it’s marketed as a couple’s sex toy so, of course, I’ll need to get J involved. When the toy first arrived, he marvelled at the intensity of its vibrations and, when I was giving it a test run, he came in and meddled with my remote control then disappeared back outside. Don’t worry though, his time will come soon enough. I just need to do maybe a little more research on my own first…

Haven’t tried the butt plug yet but it continues to menace me from the bedside table.


8 thoughts on “My first foray into VibratorLand

  1. Yay!!!! Just a thought – do you really need lube? All water based lubes are sticky 😦 I get (TMI) plenty wet on my own, sometimes embarrassingly wet LOL and rarely use lube with toys. You might try nixing the lube altogether!

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    1. In my experience it varies pretty significantly with each woman Kit, especially when starting out “cold” with toys, but even after getting warmed up there’s a large variation between women.

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      1. Yeah, there’s just no blanket rule when it comes to vaginas. They always insist on being so unique. That being said, will give it a try without the lube seeing as I didn’t really enjoy the stickiness/extra slipperiness this time around.


    2. Hmmmm… Yeah I considered that but decided to play it safe. The reviews said to use a lot of lube if using with a partner so yeah maybe I didn’t need it on my own. I just love lube! Not this one so much though. 😕 next time, it’s lube free, baby!

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      1. Well, thanks to you and your post, i had to check this toy out for myself….I’ve put in an offer on one 🙂 I’ve never had a toy like this one!!

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