Update o’clock

It has come to my attention that it’s been a long time between updates on our girlfriend hunt. Sadly, that’s because I don’t have much to report. Tinder and 3nder have not given us all that much to go on lately and we’ve disconnected from all the other online sites we used.

We did have a date a few weeks back with a Latin girl but we had to cancel after J’s unfortunate trampoline dodgeball incident that resulted in a fractured ankle. She never replied to our cancellation/reschedule message and has since unmatched me. Oh the shame!

Carmen is back from her European trek and keen to catch up but I don’t have the heart to lead her on when I know I’m not keen on her.

We ruled out Emma after our day at the races. She’s messaged us a few times since and we always reply and are polite but we haven’t tried to organise anything else with her.

We never managed to reschedule with Eve after her last cancellation. She didn’t answer our follow up message so we’ve let that one ride off into the sunset – as much as it pains us.

Our one time strong contender Maria (she of the festival and public bathroom kisses) is coming out with us on Saturday night. A friend has booked a booth at a club and has let me invite a few girlfriends, one of which is Maria. Her ex has since left J’s bar so who knows? We might be in with a chance although I still think they’re friends so probably not. Anyway, she said she’d always be open to making out which seems like a pretty ok situation to be in. 🙂

So, as much as it pains me to admit it, we’re low on unicorn options at this precise moment. We’re both still swiping and getting relatively creepy on any girl who looks susceptible to our charms but so far, no dice. And the more I discuss it with people, the more I realise how not-easy this quest is.

Is it greedy to want two people to be in love with at the same time? There are people out there with no one and here I am demanding a second lover. Fuck it, I’m bi/pansexual. I’m already greedy may as well continue the trend.


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