Objectification (as in literally objectifying)

I’m definitely a breast woman. Not to sound conceited or anything but I have a pretty amazing ass so when people ask me if I’m a breast or butt person, I say breasts without hesitation. Why would I say ass? That’s what I’m bringing to the table. Actually, to be fair, I wouldn’t turn a great ass down but breasts are really where it’s at for me. They don’t have to be big. It’s about quality, not quantity.


Besides breasts, I’m also obsessed with women with shaved heads, partially or totally shaved. I find it incredibly sexy, like an extra layer of nakedness. I wish I had the right head-shape to be able to do it but I fear that, with my skinny little head, I’d look like a cancer patient. Tattoos and piercings are also high on my list of likes. I love rock chick look that makes me think she’s a total fucking badass. And don’t get me wrong, I also like girly girls and nerdy girls, all kinds of girls. Basically, I just like girls.









Look at me, I sound disgusting but I can’t help it. The female form is intoxicating. Consider: a woman’s beautiful smelling hair, her curves and lips, her inner thighs. I love how soft her skin is when you nuzzle her neck and her tiny little wrists and ankles (compared to a man’s). The lack of  coarse, all-covering body hair is reason enough to love women.


Of course, there are many non-physical things to love about women; their sense of humour, intellect and personality, for example. But they’re generally the same things you love about a man so forgive me for focusing on just the physical in this particular post.

I’ve discovered that so much of online dating is visual. You make your decisions based on pictures; sites like Tinder and 3nder are a smorgasbord of available flesh. Granted, they’re not all available to me but they’re available to someone out there (supposedly). As you swipe through the profiles and photos, it’s easy to imagine these people in your life, your bed, your kitchen, your shower, wherever the fuck you do it.

I’ve always wondered about those that don’t fill out a profile. You’re literally forced to judge them on their appearance, which always feels a bit mean. But hey, if that’s how they want it, who am I to judge? I’m happy to drink in the visual pleasures of the female anatomy with the hope that – one day – I’ll no longer be limited to just looking.

Image credit: Obsessionart, Pretty Hairstyles, Tara Lee Gibbens | Pinterest and Obsessionart again


14 thoughts on “Objectification (as in literally objectifying)

  1. you don’t sound disgusting at all. women are gorgeous creatures and you are not alone in what it is you love about them. to me the fact that they are different from men in all their pillowy softness is the icing on the cake. as much as i love my hubby and all his man parts, a woman is … well fucking glorious. 🙂

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  2. I’ve always loved the female form, the female psyche and all that is female. I suppose, being a bisexual male, that really seems odd, huh? But, in contrast, I love men for everything that is distinctly male!

    Great post! Loved reading it.

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  3. Nope, not disgusting and not objectification: Our bodies were made to attract and entice others – period. If objectification didn’t exist, we wouldn’t exist as a species because there would be nothing to attract us so we can reproduce or, bluntly, to have sex as a form of recreation.

    Ask me if I’m a tit or ass man and I will answer, “Yes!” because it all looks good to me… but I know that attraction isn’t just superficial; nice boobs and/or ass doesn’t make you all that and a bag of chips or, famously, beauty is only skin deep but ugly is deep to the bone.

    Women get miffed because we see them as sexual objects… because they are – they were designed to be this way but because women have been so shamed about sex, well, they think it’s a bad thing. But, if they were never objectified, relationship could never happen, could they, because we do eat with our eyes first.

    Duh. So no, if you’re disgusting, so am I and everyone else and I know I’m not disgusting in my appreciation of the human body.

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      1. I believe that is by design, to push the one man/one woman mandate of monogamous behavior. The good thing is that we all don’t buy into this very negative and defeating mindset and accept objectification as an occupational hazard and get our freak on anyway… because it’s so much damned fun to do!


  4. You’re not disgusting at all. I’m a boob girl too. I love mine, and I love others. I am just fascinated by a woman’s beauty even though I’m one myself ( a woman). Keep on admiring!

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