And men are hot because…

Yesterday’s post focused on what I find hot about women so I suppose it’s only fair I give men the same treatment. I’m all about gender equality, you see, everyone gets objectified equally. Hmmmm… ok, where to begin?

I like a toned man, someone with definition so he looks strong but isn’t overly muscled. I don’t like super ripped/bulky guys. I generally go for dark haired guys who are well dressed and I love nice tattoos (the ones where you can see some thought has gone into it, not just ink smeared across the skin for the sake of it).


Not a massive fan of hair – be it long hair, facial hair or body hair, although there are exceptions (never with body hair though, sorry, I just can’t do super hairy guys). But then again, I don’t love shaved heads (on guys). I like just enough head hair to run my hands through when I’m kissing him or grab onto when his head’s between my legs.

I admit to having an unhealthy obsession with Tom Hardy

I love the smell of men. Yes, their cologne but also that dark, manly smell when they’ve been working or out in the sun or dancing (love a guy that can dance!). Not overly sweaty but enough to know they’ve exerted themselves. This might sound weird but sometimes I’ll smell my partner’s shirts before I put them in the wash because they have this sexy combination of his cologne and his sweat and it’s fucking hot. Don’t judge me.

I love the strength in their hands and arms when they grab you and flip you over or lift you up for a hug. I love the knowledge that they could pin you down and have their way with you and you couldn’t do too much about it, except wriggle around and scream (as if you’d want to). But they don’t because they’re gentlemen and they don’t do those types of things… unless you ask them very, very nicely. Please Sir…

blog pic.JPG

Image credits: Austin Carson | Pinterest, Whitney | Pinterest and Expressions of a Perfectly Imperfect Man.


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