SURPRISE! Or maybe not, for some.

I’m going to start this post with two pictures. Zero points for guessing what of.

Yep. That’s me getting engaged. While topless. In front of 30+ of our closest friends and family. It wouldn’t have been true to form if I’d had a top on while on the harbour.

Jared was about to give his speech thanking everyone for coming to his 30th birthday and he asked me to join him up the front. I helped organise the day so I just thought he was going to thank me and I’d maybe join in on the speech. Before I got up, he asked me if I wanted to ‘maybe put my top on’ but I sassed him with a quick ‘don’t tell me what to do!’ and he gave up. If he’d insisted, I would’ve got suspicious.

Anyway, speech ensues. He thanks everyone for coming. It’s all the usual stuff and then BANG – “I can’t think of a better time, in front of all of our friends…” down on one knee he goes and HOLY SHIT. It was such a surprise. Everyone started screaming. I couldn’t talk for what felt like hours but was really seconds. I got down and kissed him (first picture) and he was like “you haven’t said yes yet! I can’t get up til you say yes”. So I said yes and we stood up (second picture) and then a million hugs and tears ensued all round the boat.

I had always thought our engagement would be a private affair we’d tell people about after the fact but this was pretty special. The only thing missing was my mum and sister being there but you can’t change the past so I have to let that little blip ride off into the sunset. It was a pretty perfect day otherwise or what I can remember of it at least – things got pretty wild after the proposal.

Things that happened:

  • Jared lost his shoes, hat and some may say his dignity. We got the shoes and hat back (the hat is fucked, it went overboard and is now all bent out of shape).
  • I came home covered in bruises (as per usual for me really)
  • Jared’s bar won TimeOut Sydney’s magazine/website award for Bar of the Year, the ceremony of which we rocked to direct from the boat, claimed our awards and then swept back out to sea
  • I convinced most of the girls on the boat to take their tops off so we could have a ‘tits out’ party. Turns out “But I’m engaged” is a pretty convincing line if you want to get someone to do your bidding
  • We sensibly gave my diamond to a responsible family member to take home (he got me a diamond so I can decide if I want a ring or a necklace – it’ll be a ring)
  • Jared switched bottoms with Emma on the boat and paraded around in her frilly bikini bottoms, while she wore his shorts. Quite a sight to behold. He also kissed a male friend of ours (no tongue) but I missed it and was very upset
  • We got home at 9am after falling asleep at a friend’s house in the wee hours of the morning. Getting an uber home on a major road on a Monday morning was not fun – Jared being shoeless and me wearing a see through white top/dress with my bikini bottoms under it. Classy.

So yeah, that’s my news for today. There’s more to tell but I need to get my act together and start posting more frequently. A month between posts is far too long and I need to document my swift descent into Bridezilla status.

Nah, just kidding. I’m trying to be super chill about the whole thing although I’m not sure if that’s an honest statement seeing as I already have a spreadsheet and various Pinterest pages dedicated to the epic party that shall be our day of matrimony. Let’s agree this is normal behaviour. Why? Because I’m engaged.


14 thoughts on “SURPRISE! Or maybe not, for some.

    1. Oh, and a couple of observations. 1) I swear it looks like J is reaching out to grab your boob in in the picture of you two kissing. I realize, after zooming in, he’s holding the ring, but still. That would be a hell of a way to propose though, especially if you added a honking sound effect when you squeezed her boob. 2) Don’t want to shock you, your boobs are out as we all know, but you may be surprised to learn a good portion of your ass is out there too! Again, that’s an awesome way to be dressed when a man proposes to you. Let’s make that a new law. 😉


      1. Hahhaha yes, I have a hard time finding bikini bottoms small enough for my hips but also big enough to fit my butt. Luckily, I don’t mind my butt hanging out. It’s a nice butt. It gets a pass :):) Also, sorry for the delay in replying. This comment was hiding in my admin section (didn’t come through on the phone app for some reason).

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