Thoughts after the fact

Our NYD threesome didn’t happen in the usual way. We didn’t date Cherie beforehand. We didn’t find her on an app. Jared had actually asked me months before if I was interested in sleeping with her and I’d said no. So, truth be told, him bringing her into our bed on the spur of the moment was pretty cheeky. 

I raised this with him the next day. We don’t have to plan and/or discuss everything in minute detail but I should get the opportunity to veto any threesome ops without being put on the spot. Without having the girl already pretty much in our bed and me having to turn her down face to face. That’s not fun. That being said, I’m not angry and I won’t hold it against him because I went along with it in the end and I enjoyed it. But, for future reference, that’s not how we do things. He agreed. 

And hey, who’s to say I wouldn’t have said, ‘go for it’ regardless of whether or not I was going to participate? Because I’d be fine with just watching – although I’d probably crumble and want to get involved. Because I love the sounds of sex. Because I love it when he kisses me when he’s inside someone else. Because having real life porn starring your partner and happening right in front of you is pretty fucking hot. Because I’m me and, for some strange reason, this is what turns me on. 

So, yes, this may have been a stealth mission and it may have been slightly naughty on Jared’s part. But how can I be mad when it’s featured very heavily in my masturbatury repertoire ever since? When I would have absolutely no qualms about repeating it? I can’t… but I will stop short of saying thank you. 


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