Time to eat my words

Cherie spent the night with us last night.

We went to a bar/concert yesterday and invited her along. She came with a friend who later left to go on a date and the three of us (plus a bunch of other friends) hit up another bar and then went to a friend’s house. The three of us bailed back to ours around midnight and she actually slept over this time and we all went to breakfast this morning. She might even come dancing with us on Saturday if we decide to hit up this Jamaican dancehall party that’s going on.

I enjoy watching her and Jared fuck and Jared seems to enjoy it too. I like it when he fucks her while I play with myself then fucks me til I come (which generally takes exactly zero time) then slides back into her until he comes (or he comes with me). It must be quite a thing for a guy to have two pussies to choose from.

We still haven’t been able to make her come. Apparently, she needs to be in love for that to happen. No pressure there. I’m constantly amazed by how soft her skin is. I have really soft skin as well but it’s nice to be with another women with gorgeous skin. I like running my hands all over her. I do wish she didn’t smoke. We’re both non-smokers and, for me at least, the taste of cigarette is very off-putting. She’s trying to quit though so that’s something.

She is very young – which becomes apparent at times – but she’s easy to hang out with so I’m happy to let things roll on as they will. I think she worries a bit about how it all works between me and Jared. She asked about our ‘rules’ and can’t seem to get her head around how we can be so in love but still sleep with her. She also said she feels weird watching us fuck but hopefully that passes. 🙂

Further developments have also occurred on Tinder. I went back on there today and found a two day old match who I then made contact with. Lucky I did because we’ve spent the past close to four hours messaging her and have plans to meet tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I think when you give yourself a breather and let things happen naturally, it takes some of the pressure off. For a while there, it was beginning to feel like polyamory had taken over our lives and become more important than our existing relationship. We realise we need to tell one another if things are getting too much. We need to take time for ourselves and, for me, it’s really important that our dates aren’t taking up all our time, that we still see our friends.

Here’s to getting back on the poly horse again and seeing where it takes us.


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