Sex-cription can be hard

Dammit. I’ve been reading so many awesome sex-filled blog posts lately that it’s making me want to do my own fictional/fantasy sex post. But I find I can’t really write about sex without some kind of inspiration. I’m not talking about the real life kind of inspiration, more that I need to have an epiphany of an idea/scene and then I take it from there. Sadly, no brain waves are forthcoming at the moment so I must be content with reading everyone else’s awesome stuff and feeling sorry for myself.

I actually find it quite hard to write sex scenes. I wouldn’t call myself a prude by any stretch of the imagination but somehow writing about sex brings this out in me. I love erotic fiction (and fact ;)). I love the way authors use many different words to describe what is essentially the same thing. Yet, when the time comes for me to attempt it, I get all squeamish and embarrassed like a little school girl. I don’t understand it.

I’m kind of the same when it comes to dirty talk. I struggle there as well, except via text and the very occasional time in person. I’m fine talking about sex. It’s the description of it that gets me, makes me blush and cringe and curse myself all at the same time. I’m coining a word for it. You heard it here first. Sex-cription: the act of describing sex in graphic detail, e.g. in a sexual encounter or work of erotic fiction .

And now that I’ve named it, it should have no power over me, right? We’ll see. I’m pretty sure that’s not how these things work. I’ve probably made it a million times stronger and it’s out there in the world like, “I’ve got a name now, bitches. Just try and fuck with me!” If that’s the case, god help us all.


5 thoughts on “Sex-cription can be hard

  1. You crack me up! I love how you honestly describe things. You don’t need to make up any fiction, I love what you write about your life the best.

    That being said, I totally get the squeamishness about dirty talk and writing sex scenes. I used to write all flowery Victorianesque sex scenes. Behind closed doors, etc. I killed me, lol. So Puritan.

    You’ve just got to push past it. Push past your upbringing and good girl tendencies. A wrote some really cringe worthy graphic stuff for a while to break myself of old habits.

    Try fitting in every taboo word you can think of…cunt, pussy, cock, slut. See, I barely cringed. 😉

    You can do it!

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    1. Hahaha thanks for the pep talk! You’re right, I just need to keeping doing it til I stop feeling weird about it. Every filthy word I write is getting me one step closer to being able to write about sex (fucking!) without blushing.

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