The not-so-awesome-foursome (that didn’t even happen but still might)

It’s been an interesting week-and-a-bit processing the goings on of the weekend before last. Initially, all I could think about was how unbelievably horny what had happened made me… The thought of Jared inside another woman making her come, enjoying her body, coming across her stomach (or wherever) without me there… oh man. Very hot thoughts indeed. But then the horniness wore off. And I got inside my own head and started worrying about how it all happened. But I haven’t told you any of that yet, have I? Ok, I should probably start from the beginning.

On Friday before last, we went with my sister to see Flosstradamus in concert. We had a few drinks at one of our favourite bars beforehand then rolled into the concert, sweated/danced our asses off and then rolled back out to the same bar. The bar closed and we stayed back for a few after hours drinks then went to Jared’s bar for a few more drinks then went to a friend’s house then our house. Cherie came and joined us while we were at Jared’s bar plus there were a few other bar staff hanging around and some friends joined us. Oh. Also, we were quite high.

I was quite content sitting around chatting to people but Jared was on a rampage. Let me preface by saying that we’d spoken in theory about him seeing women on his own, without me there. I didn’t think we had agreed on this although we both knew it was (is) a huge turn on for me. As the night progressed, he decided he was going to pursue one of his waitresses, Willa. He ran this by me and I was fine with it. I also walked in on him kissing Cherie, which I was fine with. I later found out they had sex in the bathroom at his bar – not to completion, just for a little while. He slipped her panties aside and bent her over in the bathroom until someone walked in and interrupted/stopped them. Talk about sex police. Anyway. Onwards.

When we went back to our friend’s house, Jared, Cherie and Willa had a shower together and Jared had sex with Cherie again while Willa watched. Again, not to completion. He asked me to join in but I wasn’t really feeling it and I later walked in on them when I needed to go to the bathroom. They asked me to join but I said no. I don’t think I realised he was fucking Cherie. After all the extended foreplay, which included Cherie telling Willa about her escapades with us, Cherie, Willa and Jared were all keen to go back to our house and have a foursome. I said yes but then some of our other friends guilt tripped us into letting them all come back too. Everyone was very high and no one wanted to go home. I felt bad about ditching them so I said they could come.

My sister had gone home early to sleep on our couch so we had to move her into our bed when everyone rocked up at our house. Jared and Willa decided to have a bath and, every time I’d walk in to go to the bathroom, Willa would ask if it was ok that she was in the bath with Jared and I said it was fine, which it was. They made out in there and she sucked Jared’s cock although I think they got interrupted quite frequently by curious visitors and people that genuinely needed to go to the bathroom.

Soon after we got home, I hit a wall and took myself to bed. Our friends decided to take some wine and go swimming at the beach near our house (probably a bad idea but they survived, in case you’re wondering). Jared and Willa had been engaged in some heavy petting (does anyone still use that term?) under a blanket on the couch. They took the opportunity to have sex as soon as everyone traipsed down to the beach. Jared said he tried to wake me up (I don’t remember) but, regardless, they had sex on the couch while everyone was out.

Willa slept over that night and I had to go looking at wedding dresses that afternoon so they (her and Jared) came and met me for lunch (read: breakfast) when I was done. Everything was fine and not too awkward despite everyone being wickedly hungover and pretty brain dead. We went for ice cream afterwards and then dropped her home as she had to work that night. Jared proceeded to tell me all the details and we had sex multiple times that day while we laid on the couch in our hungover fog watching Vikings and various other TV shows.

Firstly, I was and still am incredibly turned on by what went on. Even as I felt myself starting to get insecure about things, it still made met wet thinking about him fucking Cherie and Willa without me there. Where things started to get dicey for me was the fact that, in my mind, we’d never explicitly agreed that he could fuck other people on his own. We’d never said he could fuck Cherie on his own and we’d definitely never agreed to Willa happening without me there in the first instance. Also, I’d never said/was never asked if I was interested in her. She’s very pretty but I’m not all that attracted to her personality, which is kind of important for me. Plus the fact they work together freaked me out a bit – that they would see each other regularly without me there – and then a few days later Jared mentioned that they’d made out (kissed) the next morning.

In all seriousness, after them fucking, what did a little pashing session matter? But somehow it did. It mattered because he hadn’t mentioned it and my mind just snowballed into a cascade of worst possible scenarios (damn my excellent imagination!). I was angry. No, I was enraged. He’d taken all these liberties and fucked people that I hadn’t “signed off on” (Willa) and… and… and! Frankly, the whole thing horrified me. I’ve never seen myself as a jealous or insecure person but turns out I have it in me. *gasp* I’m a normal girl after all. Oh the shame!

So… long story short, we spoke about it. I cried. We talked about it some more. We agreed that there was a miscommunication and the fact we were drunk and high didn’t help (never does really, but, damn, it’s fun). Jared agreed he’d maybe been selfish and a bit aggressive in his pursuit of these women. I agreed there was some ambiguity in our last conversation about seeing people alone (well, Jared seeing other women alone in any case). We both agreed that we need to be clearer in what is theory and what is A-Ok-good to go. We’ve never been in this situation before so we need to make sure everyone is comfortable before we go making snap judgements and hoping things will be ok later.

On the plus side, we have the foursome scheduled for this weekend. So, now that I’m a tad more on board than last time, we’ll see how it all pans out. I might try and write a sex piece about it all now that I’ve gotten the feelings shit out of the way.


11 thoughts on “The not-so-awesome-foursome (that didn’t even happen but still might)

  1. Even as a dude I have to agree with you on this one (don’t tell the other dudes though or they’ll take my dude card away). Relationships are tricky. Open relationships doubly so. If there is ANY doubt about some boundary it needs to be discussed ad-naseum prior to any action. Sounds like there was a lot of ambiguity in the rules for J playing solo and he should have cleared that up prior to doing so. Anyway, glad everything seems to be back on track.

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  2. Wow, that’s insanely hot and yes some very ambiguous stuff in there. Jared definitely went really far with a perceived green light and that’s a big no-no. Glad you got major action after the fact while hearing all about it. That part was yummy.

    The emotions and ups and downs are exactly what I experienced with my couple. It’s a ride for sure.

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    1. It was tough for me for awhile there but now we’ve talked about it and he understands my issue, that it was never specifically agreed to and that he pushed the boundaries. So now I can try to focus on the awesome ‘spank bank’ material I’ve been given and try not to let my insecurities ruin things.

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