So. This happened.

After a series of big talks, we decided to proceed with our weekend foursome plans. The original discussions included dinner with Willa and Cherie but Cherie had to work and Willa ended up going to a wedding that ran longer than expected. So it ended up being just the two of us for dinner, which was actually really nice as we got to talk and enjoy some delicious wines (ha – I didn’t mean to say that like it was a surprise). After dinner, we went to a few bars and met some friends and Cherie and Willa joined us after work and the wedding, respectively.

As the night drew to a close, the four of us went back to our hotel room, which, to be honest, is a bit of a blur of bodies – lips and limbs, breasts and pussies and the one solitary cock having to keep everyone satisfied (not that he minded). We always stay at this hotel with these epic bathtubs so that was put to good use. Cherie had to leave early in the morning as there was some drama with one of her friends but Willa stayed overnight in the giant king bed (much better suited to a more-than-two situation than our queen bed. Note to self: must get king bed). We had a few more romps and snuggles before we ordered room service for breakfast and then showered/bathed and made our way back out into the real world.

I have to admit to being somewhat fascinated by Willa. She’s one of those girls that can orgasm over and over again so long as they’re being fucked (or licked, or whatever). As someone that needs a lot of stimulation and focus to orgasm, it doesn’t seem real seeing someone able to respond so often and so quickly. I don’t know how intense her orgasms are but it was pretty fucking hot watching it nonetheless. And I can imagine it would be pretty exciting for a guy knowing they’re doing that to the person they’re fucking. Not that I’m knocking my own orgasmic process, but… ahhh… I’m digging myself a hole here so I’ll stop.

Basically, it was hugely arousing watching Jared make her come over and over again and hearing her moans and heavy breathing and watching her legs shake as the orgasm rolled over her. At one point, we took turns sucking Jared’s cock. She has these incredibly full, red lips – perfect for cock sucking really. I loved watching his face while he was inside her. The way goosebumps came up on his arms when he was getting close to coming. The way she’d occasionally glance at me with her blue, blue eyes while he was fucking her. At one point, we all decided we’d have a quick nap before check out but ended up fucking again. It was all very unhurried and relaxed, which was a nice way to end the whole adventure.

We dropped Willa home and spent the day lazing around on the couch watching TV, despite initial plans to go to the beach. Not much was accomplished at all actually – despite me ravishing Jared pretty much as soon as we walked through the door. I always feel an urge to fuck him as soon as whoever we’ve been with is gone. Maybe it’s a desire to claim him and have him all to myself or maybe it’s just an overwhelming horniness after all that’s happened. Who knows and, to be honest, I don’t much care. It’s fun and it’s just sex and those post-others moments are always quite intense for me so a girl’s got to take advantage.


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