Re-bloggd from The Likkleone: Women vs women and nobody wins

I posted this as a bit of a rant on my other blog but it fits here as well as it concerns sexuality, which I often muse about with you guys. It links to a post by Emily Ratajkowski where she explores how difficult it can be for women to own their sexuality.

I agreed with this idea and then promptly set off on an angry tangent about how women are often the main culprits when it comes to slut shaming and making other women feel wrong for expressing their sexuality. You may or may not agree with me or you may think of men as the bigger slut shamers. It’s all about personal experience but I definitely think this is one area where women could stand to be a bit kinder to one another.

And that’s me done for the night.


6 thoughts on “Re-bloggd from The Likkleone: Women vs women and nobody wins

  1. Holy hell!! Likkleone, we are so on the same topic lately. Thank you for your words and sharing the Emily Rajakowski piece here so I didn’t miss it. Gah…she is a physical dream and apparently knows herself well too (girl can write!) we all seem to go through this experience growing up of having assets and sexuality, but then being told it’s not our fault but we should keep it hidden so as to not offend or incite or “give the wrong impression”. Yes yes yes! Let’s shun this shit and commit to not passing this experience and these confusing feelings on to our daughters, nieces, students…whomever. So happy about this post and article right now!!! 😆👍🏽🙏🏽

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    1. Haha thank you! And yes, let’s promote healthy and tolerant attitudes towards sexuality and womanhood so that younger women have the freedom to explore without the judgement we experienced. We get enough shit from (some) men when we express ourselves sexually. Why help those dicks out?


      1. Wow. I’ve definitely been shamed by men but much more by women and I think in a more insidious manner. Yes definitely, I think a lot of it with women is that they’re threatened. They don’t have the confidence to explore or they think you’re going to sleep with their partner or a myriad of other things that come from equating sex with shame and thinking that a woman can lose value or self respect by being sexual.


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