Reblogged from The Likkleone (again): not for the faint hearted (or people who don’t want to think about violence against women

I don’t want you to think I’m being lazy and using one post to cover two blogs… but hey! Maybe I am. Still, I think this one is relevant here too. This is a little bit darker than yesterday’s post. It’s about rape culture and my own experience with violence – sexual or otherwise based on a HuffPost article I read last year. It’s a scary thing to not feel safe in the world and it’s even worse to think, if you are attacked, that person is most likely someone you know. Just think about that for a second, will you?

I promise I’ll post something original on here next. Maybe my birthday weekend away (that I’ve now found out will go from Friday to Monday because Jared organised for me to have a day off work without me knowing) will inspire me to write some erotic fiction. This is actually my goal for the weekend.

For once, I actually have a lot of faith in me seeing as my weekend will be spent (1) somewhere warm that (2) requires a bikini and (3) doesn’t require walking shoes. This is actually the sum total of what I know about where we’re going. How is a girl meant to pack with such minimal information, I ask you? What this does tell me is that I’ll be lazing by a pool doing nothing, except fucking, reading, eating and drinking (hopefully in that order). Can’t wait. Will post pictures (of the pool – not the fucking).


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