This birthday present is okay… I guess


I think it’s safe to say Jared’s outdone himself with this birthday present. This place is AHHHH-mazing. It’s not cheap but the price includes all food and alcohol and I’m currently sitting on our private balcony on a day bed in nothing but a light cotton robe. Actually, strike the robe. I was warm so I ditched it. I have a glass of a very charming red close to hand plus some sparkling water (very important for hydration) so life is pretty fucking excellent right now. And I have three nights of this.

Aside from getting to spend the weekend mostly clothes-free (sadly I’ll need to be dressed when we go for meals in the main house), the thing I’m most excited about is our little plunge pool aka the swimming hole or the lagoon. It may be small but fuck it’s deep and it’s just crying out for some late night/early morning/all fucking day skinny dipping. Our host said he can crank up the water temperature so, if things go to plan, it’ll pretty much be an outdoor bath – just how I like it. Also, there’s a secluded daybed that we could easily fuck on without anyone seeing us. I’m a sucker for sex in public places.

So yeah. It’s been pretty delightful thus far. We’ve already fucked with the promise of more to come seeing as there’s not allll that much else to do around here (definitely not a complaint). We’re surrounded by national park with no sound but the cicadas, the birds (a kookaburra was just watching us from one of the tree branches) and whatever sounds we choose to make (music or otherwise). I can see myself being plenty relaxed here. Relaxed and well fed and boozed and sexed up and all of the good things one hopes for on one’s birthday. Hell, if you’re going to get older (33 on Wednesday, if you please), you may as well do it in style.

Thanks, baby! You spoil me (but I’m worth it!).


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