Three’s a crowd in a place like this

Tonight’s our last night in Pretty Beach and it’s been so amazing we’re contemplating coming up here on a regular basis… if we can reign in our Sydney socialising and the associated expenditure that comes with it. With that in mind, our thoughts turned to whether we could bring someone we’re seeing up here. The king bed can definitely fit another person and it would be a relaxing weekend of food, wine, good chat and most likely lots of sex.

The big question is: would somewhere like this allow us to have a third person in our room? I’m sure it’s an issue many triads experience; how do you get your third person into a room that says “double occupancy”? Of course, some places will offer you a trundle bed, which you can just ignore. However, the place we’re staying at is billed as “romantic couple’s retreat” and prices are based on two person occupancy and consumption. They don’t really offer a trundle bed, unless it’s for a child (of which we have none). And it’s way too small to sneak someone in. Plus how would we explain having to sneak part of all our meals to our rooms? Awkward and not so nice for whoever’s stuck in the room.

When the time comes, we explain the situation and offer to pay for the additional person. They’re going to need to make extra food, we’ll drink more wine, all that basic cost related stuff is easily considered and we’d be happy to pay more so they’re not out of pocket. I feel like the real issue would lie in whether they’d feel we’d make the other guests uncomfortable or if they thought we’d be having orgies all over the property. Well, threesomes really. An orgy requires more than just three people.

We wouldn’t, of course. We’d keep the threesomes to our room and be the best behaved group of people ever when in the common areas (can’t have people saying poly triads are unruly and ill-mannered, can we?). They’d just need an extra chair for the dining area and we’d be set. Or we could just eat around the pool for breakfast and lunch (as we have been) and the only issue would be dinner. Fuck, we could even get breakfast delivered to our room.

Surely they’d see how saying no would be discriminatory? It’d be like saying no to a gay couple because a religious couple might be offended. Just because we’re unconventional doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be allowed. So long as we’re willing to pay whatever extra costs are involved, it shouldn’t be an issue, right? As usual, I’m getting ahead of myself. We don’t have a third as yet but we could easily bring someone we’re just seeing up. Part of me wants to do it just to see what they’d say and, yes, to trip people out.

Things would be much easier if we were a quad. We could just take two rooms and split our time between them. Simple. Oh well.


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