Sometimes life throws you the good kind of curve ball

Sometimes things turn out to be much easier than you’d ever expect. Like having a third person in our villa, for example.

As we were checking out of the beach house yesterday, we asked one of the staff if there was space over the Easter weekend, as we thought we might come back around then. Sadly, there wasn’t space but we realised our ten year anniversary is a two weeks after that, which seemed like an even better reason to go away.

Being curious people, we contacted the guest house to ask if we could have a third person in our room. They responded very quickly with an email that basically boiled down to “Sure, for this much extra”. Cue extreme shock at the ease of it all. It was as if they didn’t bat an eyelash and we weren’t being rebels at all. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t have to argue with anyone. Dammit, I want to be shocking and provocative!

Ah well, it’s a definitely good result. We haven’t really decided if we want to take anyone away with us yet but it’s nice to know we have the option. I don’t want to take someone away just for the sake of it. It’s expensive and we have enough fun on our own so it has to make sense to ask that person come with us. Now it’s just to see how things pan out over the next five and a bit weeks. We promised ourselves that if we stayed in and didn’t go on any benders, we’d treat ourselves to a weekend away so now we just have to stick to it.


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