Welcome to the poly time suck

Things plod along in the poly world, if you can call us that. I’m back at uni part-time and Jared is super-busy with his new bars opening so we don’t have much time for anything but the bare minimum. Hell, sometimes we barely speak to each other all week because we’re both so focused on the stuff we’ve committed ourselves to.

We did go on what I suppose you could call a date with Cherie. Just to the movies and we’ve hung out with her socially a few times – drinking and dancing, etc. (photo below from the weekend just gone – it was LGBTQI Mardi Gras weekend in Sydney so there was much debauchery and diamantes to be had) – but nothing sexual since the foursome. She hasn’t been entirely well and we haven’t pushed it. Although, she tells us of her exploits elsewhere and I live vicariously through her young and enthusiastic sexual adventures. Ahhhh memories, to be young and fancy free again. Although maybe that’s just the impending marriage talking. Who knows? Sometimes nostalgia is a tricksy bitch.

Photo 5-03-2016, 10 08 23 PM


We also have a match on Tinder that wants to meet us but it’s so hard to find time when we’re free. I don’t want to leave her dangling – we do want to meet her – it’s just where to find the time. Although, I suppose if we did really want to, we’d find the time. Oh well, we’ll see how it all pans out.

On the Willa front, we also haven’t seen her since the foursome. We’ll, we’ve seen her but not seen her. She works with Jared and I think the general consensus has been that mixing business with pleasure is generally a not-so-good thing (or, at least, that’s always been my motto). Plus there were a few warning flags there that maybe she was a bit manipulative so I think we might try and bow out of that one. Plus she’s starting to see one of Jared’s friends (in the very early stages of sex/dating) so there’s another reason to not go there.

So, as you can see, things are very quiet on the poly front. As much as I’d love it to happen, I’m beginning to realise how much of a time consuming thing it is to court people and go on dates. It can be so easy to neglect your own relationship in favour of finding someone new. And I’m not even talking about primary/secondary or anything like that, more just that you can’t really be taking applications for someone new to join your club when the original members of your club don’t even meet on a regular basis. Not much of a club to join then, is it?


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